Covenant University Intranet

Covenant University Intranet


Introducing the Covenant University Intranet

From the inception of Covenant University, the Data Centre has been developing and using stand-alone and client-server applications described above to run the information system of the Institution.

The system did not allow management and staff to have quick access to information. The wealth of data that CSIS had gathered over the years could not be easily used by other departments except by physical printing.

Furthermore, a lot of investment had been made on IT infrastructure like the provision of fibre optic cables as backbones and both wired and wireless networks. Also, a new c7000 HP blade server backed up by 30kva inverter was purchased for the Data Centre. All these encouraged us to migrate to web applications. Hence the birth of CU Portal named CU Intranet.

CU Intranet is so named to emphasize that this local portal runs on the intranet as opposed to Portal which means a gateway or entrance to the CU network from outside world. The Covenant University website offers this gateway to the outside world. There is, however, connection between the Intranet and Website. Whatever information the Data Centre wishes to send to the external context will be routed through the website. For instance, parents are able to log in to the Data Centre to view their wards’ result via the website.

Benefits of the Intranet

  • It is a harmonisation of all currently working applications, duplication of work routines are therefore eliminated.
  • It allows the University community to have access to data to run the Institution promptly as it runs online with 24 hours access.
  • It allows management to view data on both students and staff and also on University activities. So, they can monitor most activities more closely
  • It allows departments to have the data of their students and courses and do better monitoring.
  • It allows faculty to post the scores of students for tests, assignments and examinations with ease.
  • It allows students to view their registration, results and financial status  any time
  • It provides e-messaging facilities within the University community without need for internet bandwidth.
  • It will reduce a lot of printing reports and documents, therefore, saving costs.
  • It further confirms that CU is actually IT driven.
  • The intranet is secure as each member of the University community will have to login and will only be allowed to use any part of the intranet that he/she is authorized to have access to.
  • It provides us a kernel or nucleus upon which future applications can be built.
  • It is modular; therefore when there is need to work on a module, the entire intranet is not shut down.
  • It is conceived, designed and developed by an in-house team that understands the needs, requirements and culture of the University.

How to access the Intranet

On the address bar of any browser, type “”. Such browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.