Data Mangement Center

Data Mangement Center


The goal of the Centre is to provide information to various units of the University in order to perform their tasks and in turn achieve the corporate goal of the university.

The Data Centre will therefore focus on the provision of management information for decision making.

Functional Units

In order for the Centre to achieve its objectives, the following functional units have been identified:

  • Development Unit This Unit handles the in-house development of the various applications needed to run the University’s Information System. The following are its basic activities:
  1. System analysis, Design and Implementation
  2. Documentation
  • Information System Unit This Unit uses all the University data collected through any of the applications developed to provide information for all levels of the University Management. The identified functions of this Unit include: 
  1. Database administration
  2. Data capture, collation and processing
  3. Information generation
  4. Backup/Archiving
  • Data Processing Unit This Unit handles all shades of data processing needs of the University. These include:
  1. OMR  design, printing and scoring
  2. Printing of examination questions
  3. Printing of  transcripts and certificates
  4. Printing of University documents and ID Cards.