60% of Top 10 Authors in Nigeria from Covenant

60% of Top 10 Authors in Nigeria from Covenant


Covenant’s fast growing profile as a research-inclined University has once again been validated, with Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, ranking six Covenant faculty among the top 10 authors in Nigeria by publication volume within the period 2014-2020.

The six Covenant faculty, who accounted for 60% of the ranked authors as at September 3, 2019, were Professor Sanjay Misra (2nd), Dr. Isaac Fayomi (4th), Dr. Hilary Okagbue (6th), Dr. Moses Emetere (7th), Professor Cleophas Loto (9th), and Professor AAA. Atayero (10th).

Professor Sanjay Misra of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, is a Professor of Computer (Software) Engineering. His research interests include Software Quality Assurance, Software Metrics, Information Engineering, Software Engineering Applications, Web Service/Engineering, and Software Process Improvement amongst others. His scholarly output for the period in review were 206, including 263 citations and 15 h-index.

Dr. Isaac Fayomi, with 151 scholarly output, 418 citations and 15 h-index, is of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His areas of interests include Mechanical Metallurgy, Materials Development and Corrosion Engineering- Alloy Development and Processing, Mechanical and Corrosion Characteristic of Aluminium Based Alloys, Materials Performance and Structural Integrity and a host of others.

With research interests ranging from Mathematical Statistics to Number Statistics and Mathematical Cryptography, Dr. Hilary Okagbue of the Department of Mathematics was credited with 118 scholarly output, 756 citations and 14 h-index, while Dr. Moses Emetere of the Department of Physics, whose research interest is Multidisciplinary Modelling, had 118 scholarly output, 245 citations and 8 h-index.

Professor Cleophas Loto of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with 102 scholarly output, 704 citations and 20 citations, had Metallic Corrosion Reactions Phenomena, Electrodeposition and Electroless Coating of Metals, Structure/ Property Relationships, and Heat Treatment Phenomena among his areas of research interests.

Professor AAA. Atayero, the Vice-Chancellor of Covenant whose research interests include Broadband Wireless Access Networks/Technologies (LS-MIMO), IoT-Enabled Applications for Smart and Connected Communities, and IoT-Enabled Cyber-physical Systems for Smart and Connected Communities amongst others, was credited with 99 scholarly output, 276 citations and 10 h-index. The Professor of Communication Engineering is of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering.

This new development is a resounding validation of the giant strides being taken by Covenant in her efforts at becoming one of the top 10 universities in the world in a few years’ time.

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