Architects Advised to Collaborate

Architects Advised to Collaborate

Architects Advised to Collaborate

Members of Architecture Department with the Guest Lecturer, Arc. Charles Egbudom

Architects have been advised to see one another as professional colleagues and collaborate, rather than ‘fellow competitors’ in order to achieve more in the profession. They are also advised to make use of diverse opportunities in the built environment in order to stay relevant in the sector.

Arc. Charles Egbudom of Form-Annex Associates gave the advice on Thursday, October 5, 2017, at the Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Architecture, Covenant University, Ota.

Egbudom, who spoke on “Exploring the Entrepreneurial Vista of the Architecture Profession,” noted that partnership leads to higher capital investment and returns. “There is need for synergy. The greatest challenge is that Architects sees one another as fellow competitors rather than collaborators. Architects should learn to work together as team, because you gain more when you work with fellow Architects rather than when you go outside your profession,” he said.

While sharing experiences with the participants, Architect Egbudom enjoined them to diversify in order to stay relevant in the profession.

He said, “Since self-enterprise is one of the best means of self-actualization, especially in our depressed economy with massive unemployment level, it will be worthwhile ventures for Architects to diversify themselves and their economic base into estate investment option in the course of doing their work.”

He explained further that an Architect in practice is not just a gifted or highly creative and well trained professional providing valuable expert services relating to the built environment, but a strategic thinker, who can tactically utilise any tangible opportunities in the course of plying his trade to create wealth through innovative investments and reinvestment in houses and tangible assets.

“The market out there is large. Government cannot readily solve the problem of housing deficit. They can only provide enabling environment for you and me as private investors to provide housing for the people and by so doing, you make your money. So it is you that will create your own employment,” he noted.

Also present at the Seminar were the Head, Department of Architecture, Dr. Oluwole Alagbe, the immediate past HOD, Dr. Ibem Ezinyi, Professor Albert Adeboye, other senior faculty and staff of the department as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students of the department.