Architects Charged to Go Beyond Limits

Architects Charged to Go Beyond Limits

Architects Charged to Go Beyond Limits

The Guest Speaker and Principal Architect at MA & Associates, Arc (Mrs.) Mobolaji Adeniyi

To go beyond limits, the Architect must reclaim his role as the head of the team and ensure he gives ‘informed directives’ to other professionals in the team. He must also break the limits by increasing his knowledge base in order to be respected by others.

These were the views of the Guest Speaker and Principal Architect at MA & Associates, Arc (Mrs.) Mobolaji Adeniyi, in her lecture titled, “Going Beyond Limits: Architecture in the 21st Century,” at the Town and Gown seminar organised by the Department of Architecture, Covenant University on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Arc Adeniyi stressed that Architecture goes beyond buildings, adding that Architects need to rise to the challenge of ensuring that their works are given value content as the blue print without which none of the other consultants can work.

The Guest Speaker also argued that going beyond limits is recognizing their potentials as important members of the creative industry and the ability to help create wealth for the country through Architecture.

The Architect, according to her, must be involved in politics to the extent that he is seen as a formidable asset to government. Every chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, she said, must be a pressure group that cannot be ignored.

“Opinions and constructive criticism must be heard from the Architects regularly so that as reference and reverence is given to the legal profession, so should it be given to Architects. The issue is not the creation of the post of ‘Architect General,’ but ensuring that we are actively engaged in policy formulation in the government,” she said.

Arc Adeniyi, who was the first female Guest Speaker at any Town and Gown seminar by the Department, noted that all what the students learn in school amount to about 35 percent of what is required to carry out a successful Architecture practice. She enjoined the students to also have the local and global knowledge of politics, business/office administration, networking, marketing, procurement, finance/account project administration, and project management among others in order to go beyond the limits.

She also enjoined the graduates of Architecture to go through tutelage before venturing into the practice. “A minimum of two years is needed for effective mentoring under a well-established firm before jumping into ‘freelancing.’ Most young Architects who do this usually end up with projects that are not well thought through with attendant problems,” she added.

The Guest Speaker also had word for Architects in the Academics, “Architects in the academics have their roles also clearly spelt out. However, in the academia, we need to go beyond our lecturing roles and become more involved in research and practice in order to impart more on the profession and our students.”

Arc Adeniyi charged the students to think out of the box and go out of the university with the determination to go beyond limits, ensuring their relevance with any establishment they find themselves, “Architecture prepares you to face the world with creative skills and solutions that will help fulfill your destiny,” she added.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Head of Department of Architecture, Dr. Oluwole Alagbe, noted that the Town and Gown seminar was instituted to bridge the gap between practice and academics. He added that the programme was very important to help the academics measure up to what obtains in the industry. This, according to him, would help impart on the students as well as establish collaborations.