Book Publishing: Prospects for Language Students

Book Publishing: Prospects for Language Students


“Following the impact of technology in this present century, Book Publishing still has lots of career prospects and plays a vital role in national development”

These were the words of a seasoned Book Publisher and the Managing Director, Agbo Areo Publishers, Dr. Agbo Areo, at the Department of Languages and General Studies Town and Gown Seminar held recently.

The Guest Speaker, in his presentation, “Book Publishing Career Prospects for Graduates of English,” started with an overview of the history of book publishing, when Nigeria tapped into the sector, which brought about the textbooks, journals and even the newspapers. Mr. Areo further emphasised the development of book publishing in Nigeria, where he advised the students of Languages and General Studies to tap into book publishing because it serves as an avenue for national development.

In his words, “Book publishing through different resources and materials, provide opportunities for societies, nations and people to be better educated, enlightened, governed, unified in purpose of actions, improved quality of life, reading habits and cooperation.

“Also, book publishing, through the use of books and other information resources, have properly guided individuals in decision-making, choice of vocation and area of specialisation in schools, political awareness and the rights of individuals in the society,” he added.

Mr. Areo also informed the students that their choice of study gives them an edge in the field because they are most sought after, occupying key positions like editors, sub-editors etc. However, he advised the students that before occupying these key positions, they should cultivate the habit of reading wide across different materials, have good diction, be a team player and be creative. He also advised the students to publish in electronic formats because of the demands of the 21st Century to remain relevant in the field.

According to him, “Read many books as possible outside your given area or field, cultivate the habit of a good diction, think out of the box by applying what is not common. Also be a team player because publishers need to collaborate and cooperate with authors, illustrators, designers and printers in order to facilitate the production and provision of requisite information resources”.