Branding Expert Canvasses Unique Covenant University Brand

Branding Expert Canvasses Unique Covenant University Brand

Branding Expert Canvasses Unique Covenant University Brand

Covenant University Management and The Executives of CEPM in a group photograph

The pursuit of being one of the top 10 universities in the world requires the repositioning of Covenant University in conformity with top class universities in the world, hence the urgent need for CU to rebrand its look, the Vice President, International Engagement, Canada Executive Management and Professional (CEMP) Centre, Dr. Yomi Oyekoya, has declared.

He made the declaration on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, while making a presentation on ‘The Change Strategy’ to the Management of Covenant University in the conference room of the Vice-Chancellor, where he explained that universities rebrand to widen the nexus, expand the reach, grab new talents and seek new streams of income.

Dr. Oyekoya, who opened his presentation with the story of how the United States President, Barack Obama, with the ‘Change’ mantra as his campaign theme, unveiled CEMP’s plan for Covenant University, which he termed ‘The Change Strategy: ReCiPe’. He described it as the global outlook for excellence in visual identification and standards to building a strong brand identity for Covenant University towards the attainment of Vision 10:2022.

Universities with well-known names and well-built brands, he said, are most favoured when it comes to students choice, and in order for CU to compete successfully among the top ranked institutions for reputation, global outlook, students, faculty and formidable collaborations, there is an urgent need for change to building a strong brand identity that distinguishes CU from other universities.

“There is need for rebranding because of fierce competition in the education world,” said Dr. Oyekoya, adding that the implementation of ReCiPe is geared towards the realisation of the Covenant University Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero’s ReCITe (Research, Citation, Innovation and Teaching) goal.

After highlighting the current gaps in branding and things needed to be done to get it to the desired level, the brand expert, who was accompanied to the event by the Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Outdoor Consulting, Dr. Kunle Hamilton, expressed his organisation’s desire to partner the university in its objective of being one of 10 in 10.

The Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Lanre Amodu, in his comments, said Dr. Oyekoya’s presentation had enriched his knowledge of branding and acknowledged the simplicity in the brands of world-class universities. Also, the Deputy Director, Media and Corporate Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Igban, appreciated what he described as “thorough brand evaluation but urged the CEMP representative to take cognizance of the university’s original identity in the envisaged repositioning.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, in his remarks, who termed the presentation as “another statement of the century”, said he believes the right time for change has come and commended Dr. Oyekoya for taking it upon himself to carry out such detailed research on behalf of the university. He promised that the university will make progress with it.

Also present at the occasion were the CU Registrar, Pastor Olamide Olusegun; and Director, Financial Services, Pastor Bayo Oladehinbo; and the Webmaster, Mr. Akinwale Samuel.