British Council Grant for Covenant, KWASU to Scale Up Hebron Startup Lab, Entrepreneurship Centre

British Council Grant for Covenant, KWASU to Scale Up Hebron Startup Lab, Entrepreneurship Centre


Curator, Hebron Startup Lab, Dr. Stephen Oluwatobi (1st left), with some Covenant partners from Tudelft, Netherlands, at the Hebron Startp Lab.

The British Council has made available a £10,000 grant to scale up Covenant University’s Hebron Startup Lab (HSL) and Kwara State University’s Entrepreneurship Centre (EC) for the purpose of launching and developing Startup and Spin-off companies to solve problems, create wealth and generate employment opportunities.

Both Covenant’s HSL and KWASU’s EC are working together with the Centre for African Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CAEL), University of Wolverhampton, with CAEL as the leader of the project.

The project activities include: Exchange visits for Covenant and her UK partners, the equipping of a work space for students to use as they develop their Startups, and it will culminate in an exhibition to showcase the outputs.

The project will run in three 12-month phases with these specified outcomes in each year: High-growth of entrepreneurs (student entrepreneurs) between September 2019 and April 2020, with 40-50% increase in enrolment of prospective entrepreneurs indicating a measure of success; Number of start-up and spinoff companies generated by April 2021 should be an average of 3 spinoffs quarterly; and Jobs created by the startup/spinoff companies by April 2022 should be an average of 5-10 employees per spinoff.

Also, based on the proposal, the project is expected to have impact in different ways. These include: Enhance students’ creativity and ability to set up their own business; Knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer in spin-offs; Commercialisation of intellectual assets and research outputs; Development of industry-tailored curriculum; and Deepen the relationship between CU and KWASU and create the incentive to initiate other forms of collaborations.