Budding Chemists Exposed to Chemistry of Paints Production

Budding Chemists Exposed to Chemistry of Paints Production

Budding Chemists Exposed to Chemistry of Paints Production

The CEO, General Manager, Peacock Paints Limited, Akwa Ibom State, Mr Anefiok Essein, making his presentation at the Department of Chemistry's Town and Gown Seminar

The importance of paints to construction, automobile and marine industry among others came to the fore, penultimate Thursday at the Town and Gown Seminar series of the Department of Chemistry, Covenant University, Ota.

Speaking on the “Chemistry of Paints Production,” the guest speaker, Mr. Aniefiok Essien, emphasised the need for quality paints production, particularly the vital role it plays in giving the best ambience and relaxing environment.

Mr. Essien, who is the CEO/General Manager, Peacock Paints Limited, Akwa Ibom State, exposed participants to the nitty-gritty of paint production, noting that paint contain pigments (which gives it colour) and vehicle, which makes the pigment flow. “Without the vehicle, the pigment remains in the powder form,” he added.

He explained further that the vehicle is made up of two components, binder and solvent. According to him, the binder holds the pigment to reduce the viscosity of the paint for better application. “It is the type of solvent used that makes the paint dry at the time you want it to dry,” he noted.

Other components of paints, according to the guest speaker include the extender, which would not allow the pigment to settle or solidify; additives, which are also referred to as driers; in-can preservatives to prolong the shelf-life; film preservative, which would not allow algae or mushroom to grow on the wall; anti-skinning agents that prevent paint from forming skin on its surface; ammonia, also called stabilizer that makes the paint steak to the wall and dispersants which prevent paint from bleeding (that is, it will not allow other colours to appear underneath while applying).

Mr. Essien advised the use of semi-gloss paints for external surfaces of buildings in order to withstand different atmospheric conditions.

In his remarks, the Dean, College of Science and Technology, Professor Kolawole Ajanaku, called for collaboration between the Department and Peacock Paints Limited to locally manufacture some of the imported raw materials for paint production.

The Head, Department of Chemistry, Professor Akan Williams corroborated the Dean remarks as he also called for research collaborations, internship and employment opportunities for the students and graduates of the Department.