CORBON Accreditation Team Visits CU

CORBON Accreditation Team Visits CU

CORBON Accreditation Team Visits CU

Members of CORBON inspecting the computer lab

Officials from the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) visited Covenant University on Thursday, March 5, 2015 to inspect the Building Technology Department of the University. The team, which came from their headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, was led by the Chairman of the Council, Bldr. (Prof.) Kabir Bala.

While making his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, expressed his excitement at the presence of the team. According to him, “In 2012, we were given the mandate to get the University listed as one of the best ten universities in the world by the year, 2022. If not for the business-like approach we give to the management of this university, there is little we could have actually done to have reached where we are today.

“I want to also thank you for your kind words concerning the recent position of the University on the Webometrics Ranking. Our desire is to see all the universities in Nigeria, achieve the same feat. If we look at the age of university education in Nigeria we cannot blame other universities because there is little any university can do without having the right amount of money to develop programmes, capacity and put in place the right infrastructure. So, if government is able to live up to that, then one would begin to see our colleagues in the university system judiciously manage the fund that is there.

“As an institution, however, we see your visit as a way of benchmarking what we are doing. We know the whole essence of peer review mechanism is for you to come in from outside and see a number of things glossed over and advise us appropriately on the right steps to take in other to improve on what we are doing currently.”

In his remarks, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, appreciated the team for coming to Covenant University and said, “We have been expecting you. We are glad that you have come and we assure you that you will see all that you expect to see and even more. We trust God that the outcome of your evaluation will be a validation of our quest to become one of the top ten universities in the world by 2022. Our vision speaks in all that we do, in all our programmes, curriculums and facilities. ”

The Chairman of the Council, Bldr. (Prof.) Kabir Bala, while responding, stated that they were in CU to evaluate the Building Technology programme of the University. He said, “The purpose of our visit is to evaluate the Building programme with all the parameters and criteria we already sent down. The purpose of the Building Technology accreditation programme, which is a quality assurance programme, is to ensure that we meet up with best practices around the world in whatever we do; our job is to benchmark. There are programmes now to formalize these benchmarking, which is called ‘Tuning.’ A graduate of this university should be rated same as a graduate of Cambridge and Oxford; these are top universities in the world.”

Present at the meeting were the Director, Centre for Learning Resources, Dr. Christopher Nkiko; the Director, Financial Services, Pastor Deji Okubanjo; the Director, Systems and Information Services, Pastor Abolade Afolabi; the Director, Physical Planning and Development, Arc. Gbenga Alalade; the Director, Academic Planning Unit, Dr. Akan Williams; Deputy Dean, School of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Samuel Oloyede; Professor Tim Musaku; HOD, Building Technology, Dr. Fakunle and a member of the Directorate of Media & Corporate Affairs.