Chancellor Charges Students to Endure Rigorous Training.

Chancellor Charges Students to Endure Rigorous Training.


Covenant University held the welcome assembly for the newly admitted students into the 2015/2016 academic session on Monday, August 10 2015, at the University Chapel. The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor each addressed the students encouraging them to embrace the opportunities Covenant University offers them, in order to prepare them for their future

The Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo in his charge titled “The Demand of Training Towards Fulfillment of Destiny,” encouraged the students to avail themselves the opportunity of proper training, because it is what guarantees their place in life. He defined training as the process of activating the best in a man and preparing him to move towards his destined goals. You can’t emerge a star without going through rigorous training as it will bring out the best in you.

He emphasised the importance of training in becoming a star and used an athlete as an example. Every athlete, he said, is aware that training is a costly endeavour and it takes determination and adherence to the rigorous process to emerge and remain a star. He added that it is training that turns trash into treasure. He cautioned them against triviality, warning that most stars have died without entering into the fullness of their destiny because what they possess inside has not translated to real life.

“See the training you will be getting here as preparation for the future. It may not be easy, it will be demanding but it will be worth it. No training is cheap, but without training, the treasure in any man can never be recognised and released”, he said.

Dr. Oyedepo informed the fresh students that they have come from different spheres of life to a citadel of learning, committed to raising new generation of leaders in a royal manner. He added that they have come as raw materials ready to be transformed into valuable products. However, there is need for them to submit to training. “You have come to train up for royalty; be open to the rigours of training as it will prepare you for your place in life,” he advised.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, shared in the joy of the new students. He assured them that they have come to a place where they are guaranteed a very secure future. He highlighted the benefits that await them after their graduation from Covenant University, adding that such benefits are what differentiate Covenant University from all other universities.

He noted that being in Covenant University, they are sure of three additional certificates alongside the degree in their primary discipline. For students coming into a four year programme, they will graduate with an additional two ICT certifications, while those in the five year programme are expected to have three ICT certifications. “Therefore upon graduation, you see yourself as the toast of all employers and shoulders high above your peers.” He added that the payment for the certification programmes have been included in their school fees and they should therefore take these programmes seriously. In addition to these certifications, they will equally leave the university with a Diploma in Leadership.

Professor Ayo highlighted three important fundamental points the students should keep in mind; the power of preparation, obedience to the rules and careful watch of the company they keep. These, he said, will guarantee them a successful stay during their course of learning.

The Vice-Chancellor said that they would be taken through the vision, mission and mandate of the university during their orientation programmes, so that they can get accustomed to what the university stands for. He also encouraged them to be obedient to the rules and not to see it as being grievous.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye, reminded the fresh students that they are in Hebron, a birthplace of Kings and Queens. She expounded the vision and mission statement of the university and also took them through the core values. She also advised them to remember that there is a purpose for which God has brought them and should therefore not allow the devil to truncate their destinies.