Chancellor Receives Faculty from Diaspora

Chancellor Receives Faculty from Diaspora

Chancellor Receives Faculty from Diaspora

Chancellor Receives Faculty from Diaspora

The Vice Chancellor, Professor C. K. Ayo, joined by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye and Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, led a team of Diaspora scholars from 3 nationalities to pay a courtesy call to the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo.

David Oyedepo.

In his welcome remarks, Professor Ayo emphasized that Covenant University was poised to attract renowned faculty from all over the world to join the army of change agents in the University and together rewrite the history of education in Nigeria. He explained that the system of attracting distinguished faculty from the diaspora was key to attaining a World Class status. He further stated that over the years, the University had recruited visiting faculty from Universities of repute all over the world.

“These scholars visit during the summer semester to facilitate short conferences, seminars and workshops. They also participate in teaching and supervising postgraduate students. This approach has helped to improve the quality of our educational offering to our students by virtue of the broader perspectives brought on board during the interactions.”

He introduced the scholars at the meeting to the Chancellor in turns and by their distinct representation in the University. The University is currently playing host to two Senior Fulbright Scholars, Professor Samuel Olorounto and Professor Nana Derby; two Carnegie Foundation Scholars, Professor Tokunbo Ogunfunmi and Professor Peyi Soyinka-Airewele; and our other faculty have joined from other parts of the world, they include, Dr. Adunola Oke, Dr. Joshua Alabi, and Dr. Funminiyi Olajide from the United Kingdom; Dr. Samuel Okposin from Australia.

The Chancellor, in his speech, welcomed the scholars to Covenant University and assured them of a fruitful and productive time in Covenant University. He charged the scholars to uphold the concept of dignity and equality of every man. He said, "Our self-esteem [as Africans] has been damaged, our confidence has been paralyzed. We have suddenly become prisoners of our own concepts."

He encouraged them to confront conventional ways of thinking and ensure they deliver products as proof of their value to the University system. He encouraged the Fulbright and Carnegie scholars not to let their commitment towards building a new Africa be limited to their stay on the fellowship programme.

The Chancellors charge was well received as he stressed that "we must sit down to solve our own problems." He encouraged the new faculty to be rest assured that they are relevant to the University's drive for change. In his closing remarks, Dr. Oyedepo said to the scholars on the visit that they should take the message of Covenant University's effort of driving change around the world to their colleagues who also share in the dream. He remarked, "Tell them a revolution is taking place in Ota."


Professor Olorunto

Professor Samuel B. Olorounto

Professor Olorunto is 2014/2015 Fulbright Scholar and a Professor of English and Comparative Literature, New River Community College, Dublin, Virginia, U. S. A.

He is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication, University of Maryland University College Largo, Maryland, USA. His areas of teaching/Research include World Literature, African Literature, Rhetoric and Composition.

Professor Olorunto’s Fulbright Assignment at Covenant University is in the area of Post-graduate curriculum development in literary studies. He is a citizen of the United States of the Republic of Benin origin but grew up in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, before migrating to the United States.

Professor Nana Derby

derby 3

Nana Derby is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Virginia State University. She was the President of Virginia Social Science Association (2012-2014), Virginia's oldest association of academic disciplines established in 1926. In February 2014, she received a McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award from the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Driven by a passion to draw attention to the exploitation of children as domestic servants in predominantly urban households in Ghana, Professor Derby has centered her research on human trafficking, contemporary slavery, and child domestic servitude. For her MA thesis, she wrote on the conceptual framework for understanding contemporary slavery, while she researched the autonomy and authority in the lives of child domestic servants in Ghana for her doctorate degree. She has written articles, made several conference presentations, published a book on the subject, and developed an upper level course on contemporary slavery and human trafficking. With funds provided by the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons at the US State Department, she is undertaking in an action-oriented research, investigating the interpretive meanings that domestic servants, parents, and the users of the former associate with the practice, and the withdrawal of such children from domestic servitude; their reintegration into their respective communities through formal education and or skill training; the provision of micro-credit financing and training in sole proprietorship to their parents towards the latter’s economic empowerment; and the reduction in the children’s vulnerabilities. C. Nana Derby holds a BA (Hons.) degree from University of Cape Coast, and an MA and a Ph.D. in Comparative sociology from FIU, Miami. Among others, she has taught research methods, criminology and theories of crime, and Contemporary criminal justice. Derby locates her research in the frameworks of interpretive sociology and feminist criminology.
Her research interests include child labor exploitation, contemporary slavery, human trafficking and feminist criminology. Professor Nana Derby is currently a Senior Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Sociology in Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.

Professor Tokunbo Ogunfunmi

Prof Ogunfunmi

Tokunbo Ogunfunmi is the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development in the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University. He is also the Director of the Signal Processing Research Lab (SPRL) and an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara.

His current research interests include adaptive/nonlinear signal processing, digital signal processing, multimedia (speech, video) VLSI/DSP/FPGA implementations and artificial neural networks. He has published 2 books and over 130 refereed journal and conference papers in these and related areas.

Dr. Ogunfunmi has been a consultant to industry and government, and a visiting professor at The University of Texas and Stanford University. His industrial experience includes consulting for companies such as Broadcom, AMD, CASE Technology, CLARIS Corp., Clairvoyant, NEC, AT&T Bell Labs. and NIKON Precision Research & Development. He is also a registered professional engineer.

He is currently an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer for the Circuits and Systems Society. He is a Senior Associate Editor for the IEEE Signal Processing Letters and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing. He is a Senior Member of the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), a Member of Sigma Xi (the Scientific Research Society) , and Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). From 2007-2009, he was the Chair of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), Santa Clara Valley Chapter. He is also a member of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Committee on Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems (DISPS), the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Technical Committee on DSP, and the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Technical Committee on Circuits and Systems for Communications (CASCOM). Professor Tokunbo Ogunfunmi is currently a Carnegie Scholar in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria.

Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

Soyinka Airewele

Peyi Soyinka-Airewele is Professor of African and International Politics with interests in the fields of socio-political memory, the politics of disaster, critical development theory, human rights, and the politics of African Cinema. Her publications include Socio-Political Scaffolding and the Construction of Change, co-edited with Kelechi Kalu (Africa World Press, 2008), Reframing Contemporary Africa, co-edited with Kiki Edozie (CQ Press 2009) and Invoking the Past, Conjuring the Nation. Her works on democratic development, collective memory and cathartic violence have been published in several scholarly journals including the Journal of African and Asian Studies, the Journal of Third World Studies and West Africa Review. Professor Soyinka-Airewele received her PhD in International Studies from the University of Birmingham, U.K and prior to joining Ithaca College, she taught at Colgate University, New York. She has served as the International Director of ACT Africa, the first female Vice-President and President of the Association of Third World Studies, Inc. Co Vice-President of the Ithaca City of Asylum, and is currently the President of the African Studies and Research Forum, Inc. Her current research engages the socio-political discourses of popular African cinema and their fluid interpretations of transforming identities and issues in global and local spaces. Professor Peyi Soyinka-Airewele is currently a Carnegie Fellow at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Nigeria.

Dr. Samuel Okposin

Dr Okposin is an experienced economist with expertise in trade and investment in emerging markets. Before joining Covenant University, he has worked in Malaysia, United Kingdom and Australia; authored well-known books, and published in an international refereed journal. He has made cutting-edge research contributions that have been well received as standard texts in universities around the world for the teaching of global finance. He is a gifted teacher and researcher. Dr Okposin is passionate about creative learning, which is reflected in his teaching style, industry-based learning programmes and real life experience. A unique attribute of his teaching expertise is that his research provides a platform upon which he builds his teaching. By incorporating an array of multimedia technologies, he engages students, enhances creative learning and stimulates their curiosity to explore the subject matter further. His ability to work cohesively in a team environment, his friendly manner and forward thinking research, coupled with his industry and teaching expertise enrich students’ learning experiences. He is a proficient communicator; Prince2 certified and has a wealth of experience in the academic, business and not-for-profit sector.

Dr. Adunola Oluremi Oke

A highly experienced Business Management Professional with focus on Strategy and Organizational Development and Human Resources. As a confident, resilient, determined, organized, practical and sociable individual, she has a proven track record of effective communication and working within teams to achieve common goals and targets. She enjoys interacting with others, problem solving, building relationships and working in dynamic environments. The satisfaction of being able to plan, prepare and manage any project or event motivates her to deliver outstanding results, even when under pressure and facing adversity.

Dr. Funminiyi Olajide

Dr. Olajide is a Nigerian Born British National, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Science and Technology, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Dr. Olajide received his degrees from United Kingdom including PhD, MSc, MBA, PgDip, PgCert, GPROF to mention just a few. His PhD research focuses on Cybercrime Security, Digital Forensic & Techniques, with specific investigation on a study of application level information from volatile memory analysis of Windows computer systems. Dr Olajide also has a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow experience in South Africa, where he investigated into the criminological concept of cybercrime issues, policing of cybercrime and the effect of cyber forensic security in Business.

Dr Olajide has a well established international recognised and promising research in Cyber Forensics Education with specific interest in “Memory analysis, “snapshot acquisition”, “Big data approached to forensic”, “Incident response and live analysis”, “Mobile Forensic”, “Digital Fraud Investigation”, “Event Reconstruction” “Database forensic” and “Malware and targeted attacks analysis and attribution” to mention just a few.

Dr Olajide is an experienced scholar, an inventor who has been involved in many other activities which include Cyber Forensic training, research development and consultancy services. Dr Olajide is an accomplished researcher with a proven track record of publications. He authored several journals papers and published in peer-reviewed conference papers both local in the UK and at international level.

Dr Olajide has worked as a technology consultant on contract, with Scotia Gas Network, UK, IT Analyst /GIS at East Thames Housing Corporation, UK and Data Analyst consultant at NHS, UK. He is an experienced Globus Temenos T24 consultant at Opportunity Bank, Montenegro, Eastern Europe and configuration release manager at Friesland Bank, Netherland, leveraging 12 years of working experience in IT/IS Banking, and cutting edge industry-academic research within the field of Information Sciences (Human Practice, Society & Technology), both in Africa and Europe.

Dr Olajide is a member of world class professional bodies, for example, Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS, UK), Member of IEEE (MIEEE, UK), Member of IET, (MIET, UK), Member of Forensic Science Society of UK (AFSsoc, UK), Member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiner (MACFE, UK & USA) and Member of the British Society of Criminology (MBSC, UK). Dr Olajide is married to Omogbeminiyi Roselyn and blessed with three wonderful children.

Dr Joshua Olaniyi Alabi

Dr. Joshua Olaniyi Alabi is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Covenant University (CU), Ota, Nigeria and previously an Independent Post-Doctoral Research Fellow affiliated to the University of Leeds. His current research focuses on energy security, oil governance and development in Africa, geopolitics, and political economy of resources and development. He obtained an M.A. in Development Studies and a doctorate degree in Politics and International Relations in 2011 from the Centre for Global Development, School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds - one of the UK’s leading (elite ‘Russell Group’) research intensive universities.

His Ph.D thesis was on ‘The Dynamics of Oil and Fiscal Federalism: Challenges to Governance and Development in Nigeria’. He was a contributing author - among an impressive range of scholars who were experts in their relevant areas of research concentration to a major edited volume, ‘International Handbook of Energy Security’, published by Edward Elgar in 2013. He has also presented papers in major international conferences which include, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) 14th General Conference Bonn, Germany; the African Studies Association UK Biennial Conference, University of Brighton, United Kingdom; the Nordic Africa Days Conference at the Nordic Africa Institute Uppsala, Sweden; and Institute of Social Studies ISS’s Development Dialogue conference at the Hague Netherlands among others.

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