Chancellor Tasks Academics for Robust Research Engagement

Chancellor Tasks Academics for Robust Research Engagement

Chancellor Tasks Academics for Robust Research Engagement

The Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, addressing young academics.

The Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has charged both senior and junior faculty of the University to increase their input in the quest for a robust academic research output and excellence in their professional calling.

Dr. Oyedepo stated this, at a forum organized by the University Management on Monday, February 20, 2017, where he delivered a lecture titled “Exploring the Dignity of Labour.” According to him, “Every output is a function of input, and hard work is the laboratory where man prepares for the future he desires.”

He posited that dependency on grace that is void of labour and hard work, would result in disgrace, and professing faith without diligence would lead to frustration, noting that anything one claims to believe in, which does not move one into action is nothing but bogus.

Dr. Oyedepo told the gathering that the quality of their investment is what would determine their future. “It is the quality of our work that will determine our ultimate worth as an institution,” he averred.

The Chancellor noted that it would take a serious approach for any individual to earn a glorious future in any area of calling. He charged faculty and researchers to seize the opportunity of amenities available in the University to come up with witty inventions and write quality papers.

He counseled scholars to embrace hard work, which is one act, according to him, that has no substitute for anyone who desires to be a high-flier in life. “There is no substitute for labour in the quest to arrive at ones desired future,” he enthused.

Dr. Oyedepo advanced that the combination of talent, skill, faith and grace in any part of human interest can never be a substitute for hard work, labour and dedication, and it is the latter that gives expression to skills and talent.

He stated that Vision 10:2022 provides unlimited platforms for all that are interested to develop and release the innate potentials that are in them. “There is nothing in a degree, if it does not have tangible deliveries for humans to relate with. The worth of your degree is in your deliveries,” he added.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, said the forum became imperative so as to inundate new members of faculty with the very essence of the drive towards Vision 10:2022.

According to him, “With a little over five years left in the quest towards attaining Vision 10:2022, it is apt to have the Chancellor release the same words that came years back to us, so that our new colleagues and old members in the University can be fired up towards the attainment of this vision.”