Computer Science Student Wins Treasure Hunt Competition

Computer Science Student Wins Treasure Hunt Competition

Computer Science Student Wins Treasure Hunt Competition

Dokubo Deipriye, a 400 Level student of Computer Science, has emerged winner of the Treasure Hunt competition held to commemorate the College Week of Engineering and Science and Technology of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

The three-day event, according to Forward Incorporated, organisers of the event, was designed to test and enhance the intelligence, teamwork and ingenuity of participants.

“The event was aimed at giving the participants a feeling of adventure and making them work together as a team even while having fun,” said Daniel Ojinaka, a 300 Level student of Electrical Engineering and the founder of Forward Incorporated.

“The treasure hunt requires the participants to be involved in aptitude tests, projects, mental reasoning and physical alertness exercises,” he added.

Not less than 70 students took part in the treasure hunt competition, which featured five main events, and the basis of advancing in the competition was through the accumulation of points either as a team or as an individual.

All participants took pictures and videos of their experience during the hunt. These were posted on Instagram under the hashtag: “#Eagle Eye”, including the hashtags of their respective teams. The photos and videos were awarded points according to the number of likes they got (50 likes for 1 point). Posts were vetted at the end of each day and points added to the cumulative before the commencement of the activities for the next day.

Day One featured contestants, randomly grouped into teams of 10 students each, searching for cards and labels that contained a clue on their team and its location on the base. Here, all members of the same team were expected to converge under the signpost of their respective teams, which were set prior to the hunt and collect their team’s identification band.

This was timed for 25 minutes and participants who are unable to identify their team’s meeting spot after 15minutes lost 10 points.

On Day Two, four sets of quizzes were shared among the groups in the manner that no two successive groups had the same quiz to start with. In each set of quizzes are a group of questions and a “Locate” questions. Candidates were required to provide answers to these questions on the papers given to them as required by the questions. This stage was weighted in points with each set of questions weighing 30 points which were awarded on completion of all questions in the quiz.

Each of the remaining teams at this stage was at liberty to select one of two team projects, which are Straw Structures and Egg Drop. In Straw Structures, the teams were provided with specifications and measurements to construct a steady and durable straw structure, and eviction was based on position in completing the basic requirements and how tall or durable their structure is. For the Egg Drop, each team was to build a container in which an egg will be paced that can protect the egg from breaking from a fall of 2-4 storeys. Each team was given three eggs of which at least one will be used by the judges to score.

Day Three featured the finals as the teams were disbanded and the competition was reduced to the individual. The 26 remaining participants were given clues that divided them into four zones, where only three from each zone survived the task. At the different zones, they were handed a password encrypted file, which contained global positioning system (GPS) coordinate to the location where the treasure itself was hidden. Only one participant, Deipriye, out of 12 finalists from all zones was able to figure out the exact location (Mary Hall) and returned with the treasure - a molded eagle.