Covenant Environment Conducive to Research and Learning – Scholar

Covenant Environment Conducive to Research and Learning – Scholar

Covenant Environment Conducive to Research and Learning – Scholar

Professor Solomon Isiorho

Covenant’s burgeoning status as a research University has received acknowledgment from another of her International Visiting Scholars, Professor Solomon Isiorho, who asserted that the atmosphere at the University and her facilities were very conducive to research and learning.

According to the Professor of Geo-Sciences from the University of Purdue, Indiana, USA, on each of the occasions that he had been to Covenant, he was always amazed because the University always had something new. “I have often told folks that this environment is so inviting, tranquil and conducive to research and learning,” he stated.

Covenant and Purdue University currently have a Memorandum of Understanding, which enables exchange of Professors, ideas and collaborations in terms of research projects. Professor Isiorho said that both institutions had a proposed project and were looking at the continuation of an ongoing project with the hope of getting more students involved.

“We believe that education is very important and I think the best way to educate the public is through our students; and once we can educate the students, they will then go out and help carry out the mission of providing or procuring good portable water for folks. It is something that affects everyone,” he stated.

Professor Isiorho, whose research project is focused mainly on the availability of water, said that his research was looking at the relationship between surface water and ground water. “We want to know where water can be found. I know in Southern Nigeria, we don’t have issues about the availability of water, however, the quality of water can also be a problem because of our living conditions in the South and all the things we do around water that tend to pollute our ground water resources as well as surface water,” he explained.

One of Isiorho’s scheduled activities on the visit to Covenant was to give lectures at the Civil Engineering and Physics Departments of the University. His lectures were to cover both the undergraduate and graduate students of each of the Departments. He had also been the Guest Speaker at the the Town and Gown Seminar of the Civil Engineering Department, where he examined the effects of Social-Economic Status and the Procurement of Portable Water using Lake Chad Region as an Example.

While stating that he was highly impressed with students at Covenant because “they have foresight, they are very inquisitive and they are eager to learn and also apply what they have learned in their research projects as well as in their classes”, he noted that having worked with some of them, it was a pleasure for him to see the progression of the students and how they had used what they learned.

The appointment of International Visiting Scholars at Covenant is renewable each academic session. Each stay is an opportunity for scholars to engage in teaching, scholarly scientific life of the University community, and possible research collaborations with members of the faculty in the receiving Department.