Covenant Faculty Women’s Advance Celebrates Outgoing Harvard President

Covenant Faculty Women’s Advance Celebrates Outgoing Harvard President

Covenant Faculty Women’s Advance Celebrates Outgoing Harvard President

Members of the Faculty Women Advance (FWA) who participated in the Programme

It was encomiums galore on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 as the Faculty Women’s Advance (FWA) at Covenant University held a special Roundtable Discussion in honour of the contributions of the outgoing 28th President of Harvard University, United States, Professor Catherine Drew Gilpin Faust.

The event, held at the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), Covenant University, focused on an x-ray of the achievements of Professor Faust, her distinguishing qualities, ideals, and the challenges faced on her path to greatness.

While making her remarks, Coordinator of the FWA, Professor Aize Obayan, pointed out that Covenant University had always followed Professor Faust’s leadership journey, especially considering that she assumed office as the 1st Female President of Harvard University during her (Obayan’s) tenure as Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University.

Obayan, currently the Director ALDC, noted that the day Professor Faust was inaugurated as the President of Harvard, Covenant University celebrated. She explained that Covenant stayed in solidarity with Professor Faust’s administration and had sent a congratulatory letter to Faust to acknowledge her achievement.

The FWA Coordinator described Faust as one who was seen as a rebel, because she always stood for what she believed and took steps to actualise them. According to her, “She is a woman who did not look at challenges, but rather took on every challenge as a vital part of her victories.”

Also, she mentioned that Professor Faust is a woman who never wanted to be known as a woman President of Harvard, rather, wanted to be known as the President of Harvard. “Though she never lost sight of being a woman, she never saw it as an advantage or a disadvantage, because it takes the same kind of assessment to become a professor. We do not have different requirements for different genders,” Professor Obayan added.

Some of the distinguishing qualities and outstanding habits of Professor Faust as pointed out by panellists at the FWA event, were passion, vision, voracious reading habit, good gender balance mindset, focus, dedication and realistic goal setting.

Other members of the discussion panel included the Assistant Coordinator, FWA, Dr. Tayo George, Professor Marvel Akinyemi, Professor Olubanke Ogunlana, Professor Grace Olaseinde, Dr. Sheila Bishop, and Dr. Felicia Olokoyo among others.