Covenant Has the Momentum to fulfill Vision 10:2022 -Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode

Covenant Has the Momentum to fulfill Vision 10:2022 -Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode

Covenant Has the Momentum to fulfill Vision 10:2022 -Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode

Dr. Uche Esosa Ekhator-Mobayode

Having experienced firsthand the whole gamut of what makes Covenant a fast-growing world-class University, one of Covenant’s International Visiting Scholar, Dr. Uche Ekhator-Mobayode has asserted that Covenant has the momentum to become one of the top 10 universities in the world in a few years’ time.

Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode, an Assistant Professor of Economics from the University of Pittsburg, USA, whose research area is in the field of Development Economics, was on a teaching visit to Covenant. She acknowledged that though coming to Covenant was her first interaction with the academic community in Nigeria, she had been highly impressed with the standards at Covenant and the University’s core values.

Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode stated that students and faculty of Covenant were quality people in terms of academics and just character in general and from her observation, “If the passion and the commitment and the vision continue, Covenant University is definitely onto something and it would be so refreshing to have that kind of representation at the top because representation is important. We can all take pride in all the goodness, the change in narrative that is going on here, so I would like to see Covenant at the top”.

She added that, “When you have a mass of people coming together for a common vision, there is really nothing they cannot do. So, based on that, if Covenant say they want to have a space in the moon, I would believe that because I think that they do have that momentum to be able to get there”.

The scholar had recently been focusing on health and gender issues in most of her research, and a chunk of her research had actually been on Nigeria. She has examined the effect of conflict on the health, maternal and child outcome and gender outcome.

While speaking about her research and possible future collaboration with faculty in Covenant, the scholar revealed that being part of Covenant had helped her research in the sense that she had found out there were quality people and quality Economists in Covenant, nay Nigeria. According to her, she now had a lot of options on who to work with having fostered relationships, which she intended to keep.

On the University’s environment and her infrastructure, Dr. Ekhator-Mobayode said that she looked forward to a time when whatever was happening on the campus of Covenant could be multiplied all over Nigeria.

“I think that it’s a very serene environment and I can’t just stop talking about this 24hours electricity, which is not a common thing in Nigeria. Students and faculty have access to internet, which means Covenant is really part of the world. It’s so refreshing to see that it can happen in Nigeria, which means that a lot of failures that we’ve seen in our system, really, it isn’t because there couldn’t be people that had ideas to implement it, it has to be we have to find other reasons for the problems that we have,” she stated.

The appointment of International Visiting Scholars at Covenant is renewable each academic session. Each stay is an opportunity for scholars to engage in teaching, scholarly scientific life of the University community, and possible research collaborations with members of the faculty in the receiving Department.