Dr. Nwadike – Fulbright Senior Specialist

Dr. Nwadike – Fulbright Senior Specialist


Nwadike in Nigeria — Since serving two years as a senior specialist for the Fulbright Program, Dr. Fellina Nwadike of Coppin’s Visual and Performing Arts has certified over 300 Nigerian professionals in conflict resolution and peace building.

Last summer, Dr. Nwadike was commissioned for the second time to spread her peace building in Nigeria, this time at Covenant University in Lagos. Over a span of three months, she deliberated with faculty members and community leaders on how to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate, litigate and reconcile differences.

During Dr. Nwadike’s training sessions, participants study alternatives to disputes and conflict resolution, conduct research and present findings. Upon completion, participants were awarded certificates.

“This world is a vacuum because we have so many attitudes, co-cultures  and cultures; we have so many people with different shapes and colors and we all have to learn how to work together, with good governance” said Dr. Nwadike.

Those who worked with her in the summer have since begun training others in the community and various ministries in an effort, Dr. Nwadike hopes will spread throughout the continent and world.

Her first conflict resolution project began in October of 2008, when she traveled to Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, Settlement House and Buhari Law School, Abuja, to train professors at a local university (Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto),  including lawyers, magistrates and some judges. Her powerful words of peace caught the attention of the greater community and she spent months traveling the entire nation and training all that would listen.

Dr. Nwadike and her admirable efforts have been featured in multiple Nigerian newspapers and she was interviewed on a popular Nigerian African Independent Television (AIT) and Ray Radio station, where she faced the nation in answering their questions on some of the violent conflicts committed locally and globally. Dr. Nwadike was also inaugurated into the Nigerian National Media Merit Award Panel.  As a panelist, she screened candidates listed for the 2010 Media Merit Award.

Nwadike is a member of The Maryland Program Mediators Excellence (MPME), Mediators Beyond Boarders (MBB), and African Peace Foundation (APF) groups; Affiliated with peace process in the world.  Recently, inducted into The Continental WHO’s WHO, Registry of National Business leaders.

Dr. Nwadike, a native of eastern Nigeria, earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from Norfolk State University, a master’s in speech communications and Rhetoric Studies from California State University, Hayward, California and an EdD in organizational leadership development from the University of San Francisco (of the Society of Jesus) . She joined the Coppin family in 1995. After completing a certificate program in conflict resolution at a Vermont-based school for international training in 2000, Dr. Nwadike discovered her passion for peace making and decided to share that knowledge with the world. Above all, Dr. Nwadike earned a certificate in Institute for Public Policy and Executive Leadership in Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University, Florida – Fischler School of Education and Human Services, in 2005.

“I feel good about (the impact I have made), but there is more work to be completed in that country,” she said. Just like President Obama has said, Nigeria has to resolve their problems in order to attract global businesses.  We need to change some of our deceptive behaviors and learn to work ‘honestly’ together and not separately because this world is shrinking.

Among other roles, Dr. Nwadike has published text books for her courses in Speech Communication and Intercultural and Diversity; and also journal articles. In addition, she created Speech Communication & Debate Club in 1999, which won trophy for Coppin State University.  She is a renowned mentor who is loved by her students.

Dr. Nwadike’s Fulbright Senior Specialist program stretches for 5 years. Her next mission will send her back overseas to an undisclosed location in December.