Dr. Oyedepo Urges Graduating Students to Embrace Responsible Lifestyle

Dr. Oyedepo Urges Graduating Students to Embrace Responsible Lifestyle

Dr. Oyedepo Urges Graduating Students to Embrace Responsible Lifestyle

Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has advised the 2018 graduating class of the University to make the most of the opportunities life offers them after graduation by adopting a responsible lifestyle.

Speaking at the Special Convocation Service held on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, to commemorate the 13th Convocation Ceremony of the University, the Chancellor, in a message titled, ‘On the Way to a World of Unlimited Opportunities’, stated that taking advantage of life’s opportunities starts by seeing properly as it is as far as one’s eyes can see, quoting Genesis 13:14,15, which says, “And the LORD said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever”.

While explaining how life’s opportunities can be maximised, he elucidated on the fact that not everyone who passes through Covenant University will make the most of the opportunities life offers them, rather, each one has to personally subscribe to the demands of a responsible life. He added that learning is an unending task, therefore, one must not just work to earn, but work to learn. Nobody, he said, starts climbing a tree from the top. “20 children do not play together in 20 years,” he stated.

“My prayer is that each of you will mature at a rate that will be a surprise even to yourselves. Work hard at whatever your hands find to do. Every opportunity you have is an opportunity to develop capacity, (Luke 1:80). While vision is the gateway to a world of exploits, starting small is what makes the journey great. Manage your life well; commit yourself to a tireless and productive engagement,” he urged.

Referencing a saying by Mike Murdock, which states that ‘There are two kinds of pain; the pain of discipline and the pain of regrets’, Dr. Oyedepo encouraged the graduating students to take advantage of life’s many opportunities for growth and development so as not to end their journey in regrets. “You don’t grow big to manage well, you manage well to grow big. Our paths are ordained to shine brighter and brighter, (Proverbs 18; 2 Corinthians 3:8),” he said.

He listed five proven steps to the full realization of God’s plan and purpose for any life to include seeking God’s plan and understanding that one’s future is in God’s plan and not their own plan, (Proverbs 28:19; Ecclesiastes 10:5-18), and that every man needs direction to be free from frustration, and that direction comes from God’s plan.

The second step, according to Dr. Oyedepo, was learning the knowhow to the fulfilment of one’s vision as well as the know-how in pursuit of any divine plan, (Genesis 14:14), as no one excels in anything they do not know; because one’s level of knowledge is what distinguishes them. He listed the third step as the step of discipline, which he defined as operating as demanded in a given task, not as convenient.

The Chancellor mentioned the need for diligence as the fourth step to maximising the opportunities of life and that it means, ‘giving one’s task whatever it takes’, according to Ecclesiastes 10:18. “Anything not put in use ends up being disused, and we don’t only work to live, we work to stay alive,” he stated.

Sacrifice, he added, is the fifth step and actualizing the fullness of the plan of God for our lives would require sacrifice. “We must give it all it takes and beyond, (Luke 12:60).

Prophesying over the graduands, he said that, “None of you will be a drop out in life; a drop out in school can still be managed, but a drop out in life is more grievous. None of you will be a burden or liability to your parents, siblings, relatives, Pastor, nation, Church, friends, and the world at large. You shall all be solution providers and advisers to nations and even your parents. Your parents and your nation shall rejoice over you!”

Also at the service were the Vice President, Education, Living Faith Church Worldwide, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo; members of the Board of Regents of Covenant University; members of the University Management; faculty and staff of the University; and guests from the external context.