Dr. Siyanbola wins Best Research Presentation at International Research Fair

Dr. Siyanbola wins Best Research Presentation at International Research Fair

Dr. Siyanbola wins Best Research Presentation at International Research Fair

Dr. Tolutope Siyanbola, a senior faculty in the Department of Chemistry, Covenant University has added another feat to his numerous accomplishments through his research work.

Dr. Siyanbola’s work was recently awarded the Best Science Research Presentation at the 2nd Ekiti State University International Conference and Research Fair, 2014, Ekiti State, Nigeria. He had also in 2011, won the best presentation at the International Symposium on Surface Protective Coating (SSPC-2011) and Indo-German Conference on Surface Engineering, India.

The research work titled “Thermal and Antimicrobial Evaluations of Newly Synthesized Hybrid Urethanes from Thevetia peruviana Seed Oil (TPSO)” was selected the best research work among others representing 25 Universities and leading research and manufacturing organizations.

In a chat with the Media Unit of Covenant University, Dr. Siyanbola explained the processes that went into the production of the hybrid and pristine organic coatings from the seed oil of Thevetia peruviana.

“A base material known as N,N’-bis (2-hydroxyl) Thevetia peruviana fatty amide (HETA) was prepared from seed oil of Thevetia peruviana (commonly called Yellow Oleanda). The reaction of HETA with Isophthalic acid lead to the formation of polyesteramide (PESA) and further reacted with isophorone dysocynate (IPDI) with varying percentages of hybrid nano-particle.

“The incorporation of the hybrid material within the polymer matrix improved the thermal and antimicrobial properties of the synthesized polymer composites”. He also stressed the corrosion inhibitory tendency of the synthesized polymer composites on metal substrate”, he explained.

According to him, the starting material (TPSO) for the synthesized organic coating has about 63% oil yield. If this renewable material is well harnessed there will be a drastic drop in the use of synthetic feed stock thereby reducing pollution generated from petrochemical based materials. Other advantages of the hybrid organic coatings over the conventional petrochemical based paints include high inhibitions of growth of germs (bacterial and fungus) which makes it a viable coat in hospitals. The organic coating also has capacity for high temperature, anti-corrosion and the cultivation of the seed would provide job opportunities.

Dr. Siyanbola opined that the product would further boost the ratings of the University and foster healthy collaborations between her and the industry.