Education: Key to National Development – Chancellor

Education: Key to National Development – Chancellor

Education: Key to National Development – Chancellor

The Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo has again emphasized the importance of education in the development of any nation

He also said that, “No nation develops beyond the level of education of her people.”

Dr. Oyedepo said this on Monday, May 6, 2013 while receiving the Rwandan High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassador Joseph Habinezer, who paid a courtesy call to his office in Canaan Land.

The High Commissioner had informed the Chancellor about the development in Rwanda particularly the education sector of the country after the genocide of 1994.

Ambassador Habinezer stated that the government of Rwanda had embarked on a re-conciliation effort to put the dark days behind and move the nation to a higher pedestal economically.

He added that one of the ways through which the government led by President Paul Kagame is developing the nation is through education of the people. Ambassador Habinezer explained that the government provides free basic education of up to nine years to the citizens. He noted that the country had changed from what it used to be, to become one of the fast growing economies in the world today.

The High Commissioner noted that new generation churches have been helping in the development of the nation particularly in the area of education. He requested that the Chancellor should pay a visit to the country to ascertain the level of development.

Dr. Oyedepo who was excited by the level of development in Rwanda said that he was particularly delighted that the government focused on education as part of her development plan. “If we invest half of what we invest in politics in education, there would be massive transformation. The moment we play down on education, we start going down”, he explained.

He added that all the developed nations in the world today got to the levels they are through investment in the education of their citizens. He was particularly happy that Nigeria is already towing that path through private investment in education. Dr. Oyedepo hinted that Covenant University has been part of educational revolution in Africa and her graduates are given special consideration in their postgraduate education overseas because of the academic excellence and moral value displayed at such institutions.

The Chancellor also promised that his Foundation (David Oyedepo Foundation) would be part of the development in Rwanda by offering scholarships to qualified citizens of the country.