Education and Entrepreneurship, keys to National Development- VC

Education and Entrepreneurship, keys to National Development- VC


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela

The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Professor Charles Ayo, cited this quotation while stressing that education and entrepreneurship are the vital tools for national development.

Prof. Charles Ayo said this during an interview session with SharpShoot Media Limited, adding that education is the best legacy any individual can embrace and Covenant University is running on a vision to rewrite the history of Education in Nigeria.

In his words, “Education is still the best legacy for anyone to embrace and here in Covenant University, we want to rewrite the history of education in Nigeria because looking at the list of top Universities in the world, no Nigerian university is within the top 1,000”.

In addition, Prof. Charles Ayo said individuals and government should imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship, and begin to execute projects that will bring about discovery of purpose and nation building.

“Let’s begin to look at challenges around us and imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship to bring solutions that will be beneficial to mankind. See opportunities in challenges; use the challenges as stepping-stones towards attaining success because if you do not solve a challenge, another person will.

“Success is not the function of wealth amassed but the contributions to humanity that lead to the discovery of purpose. We should be more committed to details. By solving these problems, we are building the nation in our own little way,” he added

The Vice-Chancellor urged individuals not only to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship but also to acquire the necessary skills for growth and intellectual capacity development, especially in ICT.

“They should acquire the required skills in ICT and enrich themselves because wealth will change hands to those who can control their intellectual capital”. He said.