Eschew Academic Dishonesty, Registrar Exhorts Faculty, Staff

Eschew Academic Dishonesty, Registrar Exhorts Faculty, Staff

Eschew Academic Dishonesty, Registrar Exhorts Faculty, Staff

Covenant places very high premium on intellectual honesty and reputation, therefore, faculty and staff are to be committed and guided by a deep conviction of the worth and dignity of the advancement of knowledge, according to the University’s Registrar, Dr. Oluwasegun Omidiora.

He said that faculty and staff were to devote their energies to developing and improving their scholarly competence as well as fostering conditions of free inquiry in the pursuit of truth, adding that the University condemned strongly any act of academic dishonesty.

Dr. Omidiora gave the exhortation during his presentation titled, ‘Prescriptions on Academic Integrity’ at the University’s Faculty Executive Advance for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

While highlighting forms of academic dishonesty as plagiarism, collusion, embellishment of data, and fabrication of date, the Registrar explained that plagiarism occurred when a faculty or staff misrepresented his/her own work, the work, written or otherwise, by any other person or group of persons or any institution, while collusion occurred when, unless with official approval (e.g. in the case of group projects), two or more students consciously collaborated in the presentation and production of work which was ultimately submitted by each in an identical or substantially similar form.

He stated that embellishment of data occurred when a small amount of data was enhanced or exaggerated in order to emphasize data which had been obtained by legitimate means, while fabrication of data occurred when a faculty/staff created and presented an extensive amount or significant piece of data in order to conceal a paucity of legitimate data.

The Registrar noted that in furtherance of her avowed commitment to academic integrity, Covenant subscribed to ‘Turnitin’ software, through which faculty and staff subjected all term papers, projects, dissertations and theses for similarity check and/ or plagiarism before submission.

Also while reeling out what he dubbed, ‘Covenant Culture Denominated Integrity’, Dr. Omidiora, who described examination as a hallowed exercise, said it should be accorded all the seriousness it deserves, just as Area of Concentration (AOC) must be done for all the students at the same time. He urged faculty to stick to their Marking Guide as much as they could, desist from using students to grade their peers, should not make students to feel victimized, should be fair to all concerned, should release results after approval by the Senate, and must be accessible enough to get feedback from their students.

He warned that the consequences could be dire for faculty and staff found perpetrating any form of academic dishonesty.