Eschew Pride, CU Chancellor Counsels Graduating Eagles

Eschew Pride, CU Chancellor Counsels Graduating Eagles

Eschew Pride, CU Chancellor Counsels Graduating Eagles

A cross section of graduating students

Admonitions, counseling and words of praise were not in short supply at the Special Convocation Assembly that kicked off activities ahead of the June 24, 11th Convocation Ceremony of Covenant University, with the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, exhorting members of the graduating class of 2015/2016 to eschew pride in all their undertakings wherever they may find themselves after bagging their certificates.

The Chancellor, who attributed the growth of his Ministry to meekness, thanksgiving and not sharing God’s glory with Him, said at the convocation assembly held at the university’s chapel on Wednesday, that the academic environment is highly susceptible to pride because knowledge spurs arrogance and that’s why there are so many qualifications without recognition.

He said: “Young people, who are going now, because I understand a lot of you walk on your head, be careful; pride will cut you short. The reason some people can’t get a job is because they feel too big for the job. And that’s what translates to not giving God the glory. That you were even qualified to be admitted, you thank God, that you came through here not rusticated you celebrate God.

“Beware of pride. Young people, don’t walk on your head, it’s not safe. Whatever you have decided to do, dabble into it, give it your best, it’s a stepping stone. This pride will shoot you down, don’t try it. You get a job and your boss is below you in your sight, you have closed the door. This place didn’t happen, I and God founded it. Yet I can’t go behind the authority to go and execute something that is not in my office.”

One year of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, Dr. Oyedepo posited, is more than enough for the graduating students to get themselves set for the future that will await them. “To start from where you are, just be excited at being productive at every stage of your lives. If it means selling pure water, be productive, because you gather experience with every engagement, which goes on to be a blessing to the future that awaits you,” he said.

The vision of Covenant University being one of 10 in 10 by the year 2022, he added, is a reality as nothing is impossible to God. “There is nothing this God cannot do,” he emphasized. “No devil can stop it; all we need is to be a partaker of it as it happens. How we moved from a 3000 capacity sanctuary to a 50, 000 sanctuary, it’s God, because no man can do it. While 3000 capacity took three years to complete, 50, 000 took one year. So, you know that is God. Please don’t misjudge divine capacity.”

Speaking at the occasion, which was spiced with songs of praise and benedictions for the Chancellor, the Board of Regents, the university’s management team, members of faculty and staff, and the graduands, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, appreciated God for the successful completion of the job started four or five years ago as the case may be concerning the duration of Degree programmes.

“This set, the ‘Prestige Set’, also qualifies to be called the ‘Vision one of 10 in 10 set’. This administration came in with some of them that entered into a four-year programme, which coincided with the announcement of Vision 10:2022. Today we have come through less than four years of the vision but we’ve achieved unimaginable and undeniable goals, to God be all the glory,” he remarked.

Reeling out the set goals and the seemingly limitless awards earned by the university, Professor Ayo said the milestones recorded are so profound such that “with a deep sense of modesty, we can walk with our heads high as the best in Africa as faculty, staff and students of Covenant University”.

He expressed gratitude to the Chancellor Dr. David O. Oyedepo; the Vice-President, Education, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo; and members of the Board of Regents for being there for the university all the time.

While congratulating the graduands, Professor Ayo urged them to be mindful of their identity. “No doubt you have fought a good fight; you have resisted all temptations that would have denied you of this prestigious crown. However, be mindful of your identity, because a lot of persons desires to see what you have seen and hear what you have heard. Eagles don’t flop, they soar, be mindful of the company you keep. You will not fail destiny.”

Earlier on, the Registrar, Pastor Olamide Olusegun, who raised the curtains on the special convocation assembly, said Covenant University has raised a new generation of leaders in all fields of human endeavour that would reach out to where others have not reached.

“There is a time and a season in everyman’s life; for you, a season to matriculate and a season to graduate. This is your season to graduate, you are the reason for this season, and those who have helped you from the beginning would continue to be of help.

“We want to appreciate you also for allowing yourself to be taken through our production line, and now we are all here rejoicing because you have come out as unique products; you have been tested; you have been proven and you are confirmed; you will do well in life in the name of Jesus,” said the Registrar.

Winner Deji-Folutile, the outgoing President of the CU Students Council, who spoke on behalf of his graduating colleagues, conveyed a message of gratitude to the Chancellor, the management team, members of faculty and staff for shaping the graduands into finished articles. He attributed the success of the graduands to the virtues of discipline and diligence as espoused by the Chancellor, and a system of education that works.

“Sir (Dr. Oyedepo), we say thank you very much for your vision. Father, because discipline, diligence are the most important words to us. You said, ‘whatever you do not work for won’t enhance your worth’, and those words have entered into the genes of everyone here today.

“It’s very sad, in other universities they experience strikes; in other universities, your convoking date is not even assured. You enter university for a four-year course and you are leaving there after six years. We are also very grateful to God for a system that works,” said Deji-Folutile.

Also present at the occasion, thronged by the graduating students and some parents, were the Vice-President, Education, Living Faith Worldwide, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye; the Director of Finance, Pastor Bayo Oladehinbo, the university Chaplain, Pastor Charles Ihekwaba; members of faculty and staff.