Every Student Must Be IoT Compliant, Says Cisco Manager

Every Student Must Be IoT Compliant, Says Cisco Manager

Every Student Must Be IoT Compliant, Says Cisco Manager

Mr. Alfie Hamid, Regional Manager, Cisco Systems Corporate Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Every student graduating from tertiary institutions in Nigeria should be versed in the Internet of Things (IoT) whichever course he or she might have studied, the Regional Manager, Cisco Systems Corporate Affairs, Sub-Saharan Africa, Mr. Alfie Hamid, has said.

He made the recommendation while setting the tone for the 2016 English West and Central Africa Safari/Internet of Things Conference holding at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

“Every student leaving our institutions should know a bit about IoT whatever the department the students may belong,” he said. “With almost every student having a laptop device, they are an audience with an ‘Audience of audiences’, because with their laptops they are connected to a multitude of people outside.”

IoT, he asserted, is not for only Information Technology students, “it is for the benefit of the industry, for the insurance sector and every single part of the economy”.

Tracing how far Nigeria has come in terms of access to technology, Hamid said the country has within 30 decades ditched the black and white television for the colour version and also, advanced from a single laptop being available to a whole classroom of students to every student now having access to the computer.

Despite this evolution, Nigeria, he said, still has a long way to go and the solution is for all stakeholders to come together and take the country forward.

Dwelling on the topic of his presentation titled, ‘Skills and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the Cisco chief, who noted that IT has been around for a very long time, said the world has found itself at the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

He explained: “The first revolution involved Mechanisation, which entails water power and steam power; the second revolution was about Mass Production, this features assembly line and electricity; and the third was Computer and Automation.

“In Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum, it was decided that we need to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. We are looking at a situation whereby 99 percent of the world is still not connected. Though many people in the world have phones but only 1 percent is connected. But amazing things will happen; we have to start connecting all things to the Internet. The rest of the world is already moving ahead in Internet of Things.”

Technology, Hamid emphasised, is changing in a way that a minute on Internet has become very lucrative to those who have the wherewithal to exploit it. Amazon, he revealed, makes $250,000 every minute of the day; there is over 20.8 million messages on WhatsApp every minute; 150 million emails sent every minute; and 2.4 million searches on Google.

He said that while making projections on what the future holds for the world with IoT, top IT chief executive officers had averred that, “In 2025, 10 percent of people of the world would be connected to Internet; there would be the first robotic pharmacist in the United States; and 5th of consumer products would be on 3D”.

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