Everybody Has a Role to Play in Vision 10:2022 – Professor Obayan

Everybody Has a Role to Play in Vision 10:2022 – Professor Obayan

Everybody Has a Role to Play in Vision 10:2022 – Professor Obayan

Director, African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC) and Convener of the Seminar, Professor Aize Obayan

The Director, African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), Professor Aize Obayan, has advocated that, for Covenant University to become one of the top 10 universities in the world by the year 2022, the vision must be broken into parts, whereby departments and units of the University play their roles with the leaders at the leading edge.

She made the submission on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, at a one-day leadership emphasis session for the Management team, Professorate, Directors and Heads of Departments of Covenant University and Landmark University, where she made a presentation on the topic, ‘The Practice of Leadership: Executing the Brief’.

Professor Obayan, the second substantive Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University and immediate past Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University, said the practice of leadership, in executing the brief, is by taking the lead as it is in the practice that you see the texture of leadership.

In her explanation of what leadership should be, she said leadership is about taking responsibility, which is the totality of anything exemplary and the attitude of all stakeholders must be world-class. A Leader, she stressed, must not stay in the now as they exist in the future, and must think ahead, must be committed, see how others are raised, evolve change and manage its consequences, not just talking the talk but walk the talk, and must be an embodiment of the values of the institution.

Professor Obayan said that, to move from theory to practice in the process of fulfilling a vision, leaders must set the objectives of ensuring qualitative and sustainable leadership; sustaining the legacy and results; and demonstration of leadership that invigorates the vision. “Often, leadership is not sustained in Africa, it’s always the story of once upon a time. We’re talking about sustainable leadership, expanding the results, and raising the younger ones to tow a similar path,” she added.

In executing the brief in the practice of leadership, she said a leader must be a model for the people, such that where the leader wants people to go he goes there first. A leader must cross-check the results, communicate genuinely, and make a personal commitment.

Speaking further at the event organized by the ALDC with the theme, ‘The Leadership Edge: Qualitative and Transformational Leadership for Sustainable Results,’ Professor Obayan said personal effectiveness is a core brand of a leader, and the four major components of personal effectiveness are Relevance, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Management of Resources, which she termed REEM.

According to her, the relevance of policies and programmes to the vision must be ascertained, including the relevance of vision to its stakeholders. Also, she pointed out that the individual relevance of a leader will be determined by his efficiency, how well he uses resources to achieve results, and his effectiveness.

While affirming that leadership is about service and not about office, Professor Obayan said her brand core in terms of practice of leadership includes driving for excellence, hard work, capacity building, benchmarking, continuous improvement, and legacy.

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