Expert Advise Students to Invest in Nigeria’s Emerging Stock Market

Expert Advise Students to Invest in Nigeria’s Emerging Stock Market


The stock market may not have fully bounced back to the high level it attained a few years ago before crashing due to the global economic meltdown. Experts and experienced investors still believe it holds enormous opportunities for anyone to build wealth.

The Chief Executive Officer, Century Securities, Mr. Iranloye Olasunkanmi, described the stock market as an emerging market where individuals can still make investment and be sure of good returns, as he urged the Mathematics students to use their mathematical background to have an edge in financial investment.

He said this in his presentation titled, “Mathematics in Financial Investment” at the Town and Gown Seminar organised by Covenant University’s Department of Mathematics on Monday, February 29, 2016, where he was the guest speaker. According to him, “With your mathematics background, it gives you edges in financial management, where you can easily analyse and interpret data personally or officially.”

In addition, the guest speaker said, to successfully deal in financial asset, one must understand the use of two basic forms of analysis, which includes the Fundamental and the Technical Analysis. Buttressing on this two analysis, the guest speaker said, “Fundamental analysis deals with the history, performance of the company handling the stocks while Technical involves the basic profitability and the movement of prices in the financial market.”

Mr. Iranloye, gave more insight to investing in the stock market, he said, “People who are scared of trading in stock broking are not investors because real investors look at the opportunities when prices in the market are low. In this present time, investors buy good company at affordable prices to edge out financially”

He later described Nigeria’s market as emerging but stressed that the nation’s market is still a place to deposit money and make a fortune due to springing companies. He advised individuals to invest and deal with registered stockbrokers who are members of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Debunking the insinuation that trading in Nigeria’s stock market is for the rich, Mr. Iranloye, said, “Any individual can invest in the stock exchange depending on the money flow of the individual because the market is always a circle and is opened to all who are interested.”

He also encouraged faculty, staff and students of the department, to have a mix of investments in both the money and capital markets because both are complimentary. He said, “While you are sure of your investments in the money market, you are likely to gain much more in the capital market in the long run. The higher the risk the higher the return, in the money market, the risk is minimal and the return is low”.