Expert Advocates Microgeneration to Solve Nigeria’s Power Crisis

Expert Advocates Microgeneration to Solve Nigeria’s Power Crisis

Expert Advocates Microgeneration to Solve Nigeria’s Power Crisis

Faculty, Staff and Students of Physics Department with the Guest Lecturer

A renewable energy expert, Dr. Festus Akinboro has proposed a small scale generation, transmission and distribution of power, which he called Microgeneration as the way out of Nigeria’s power crisis.

Akinboro made the proposition on Tuesday, October 18, 2016, while presenting a paper titled, “Microgeneration-Pathway to Solving Energy Crisis in Nigeria,” at the Town and Gown interaction put together by the Department of Physics, Covenant University.

Nigeria, he said, has very serious energy problem, noting that the maximum the country had ever generated was 4.5 Megawatt. “Just about a month ago, this has dropped to 1.4 Megawatt but the country need 1 trillion to survive and for the companies to run successfully,” he added.

In Nigeria, Microgeneration, according to him, is at construction stage compared to developed countries with nearly sufficiency in energy generation but still generate small scale power for use as back-up at homes

He listed the advantages of Microgeneration of power over gas turbine generated. The emission from gas, he said, depletes the Ozone layer and cause global warming. “Microgeneration of power/energy reduces problems associated with generation, transmission, distribution, supply, consumption, tariff, maintenance, vandalisation, and politics among others.”

Akinboro however enumerated various types of energy available for micogeneration which include solar energy, wind energy, biomas/biogas/biofuel, tidal energy, geothermal energy, waste to energy, heat pumps/micro biofuel and micro hydro among others.

The Head of Physics Department, Dr. Mojisola Usikalu, corroborated the Guest Speaker, noting that there is challenge in the power sector which made the topic apt for the season. She added that if everyone was able to generate their energy need, there won’t be crisis.

Dr. Usikalu appreciated the University Management for the Town and Gown platform which she said gives the student a taste of what obtains in the industry before graduation.