Expert Counsels Students on Competitive Edge in Labour Market

Expert Counsels Students on Competitive Edge in Labour Market

Expert Counsels Students on Competitive Edge in Labour Market

The guest Speaker, Dr. Nduka Okoisor, flanked by Dr. Rowland Worlu and other members of staff and students of the Department of Business, in a group picture after the event

An expert in Human Resource Development, Dr. Nduka Okoisor, has advised the students of the Department of Business Management to identify capability gaps and create targeted individual development plans in their quest for sustainable job positioning after graduation. This, he said, would help them in building and developing critical skills for the future as well as enhance their leadership capability.

Speaking on the topic, “Talent Management: Understanding an Employers Perspective,” at the Town and Gown Seminar of the Business Management Department, Dr. Okoisor, who has had extensive industry experience with blue-chip companies, and currently works with Forte Oil Plc. as the Head, Talent Management, stated that it is the role of job seekers to make clear to employers how their degree has enhanced their skills. This, he said, should be done in ways that may not be obvious to the employer—in résumés, cover letters, and in interviews—explaining how their degree sets them apart.

Validating his points, Dr. Okoisor cited a quote by Richard Knowdell, “When most companies were manufacturers, equipment was resource they bought and maintained. Today, the key resource is the knowledge and talent of people and career development is the way we maintain that resource.”

He encouraged the students to strive to differentiate the old reality from the new reality. Explaining that the old reality had to do with people needing companies; machines, capital and geography being the competitive edge; better talent; making some difference; jobs being scarce, and people accepting the standard package they are offered. While the new reality is that companies need people; talented people are the competitive edge and better talent makes a huge difference; talented people are scarce and people demand much more.

Okoisor advised those who are looking to own their own business after graduation. “As a Talent Manager, you are the gate Keeper. You need to be careful who you let into your Organisation,” he said. He added that the Talent Management process involves attracting talent, developing talent, engaging talent and finally, tracking and evaluating talent.

In his remarks at the event, the Head, Department of Business, Dr. Rowland Worlu, appreciated the Guest Speaker and the entire staff and faculty of the department for their inputs. He urged the students to maximize the opportunity provided for them by the University Management to interact with the industry in order to be fully equipped for life after graduation.

Worlu reminded them that such platforms are not cheap to come by and must be adequately harnessed. He thanked the University Management for its efforts at ensuring that the Town and Gown platform is sustained, thereby giving Covenant University graduates an edge in the labour market.

Also present at the event, were members of the College of Business and Social Sciences, and members of the Department of Business Management.