Expert Enlightens Final Year Students on Ingredients for Effective Leadership

Expert Enlightens Final Year Students on Ingredients for Effective Leadership

Expert Enlightens Final Year Students on Ingredients for Effective Leadership

CEO, Learning Impact NG, Mr Omagbitse Barrow, making his presentation

The Chief Executive Officer of Learning Impact NG and Guest Speaker at a one-day symposium, organised by Future Unity Glanvils (FUG) Pensions, on Friday, February 9, 2018, Mr. Omagbitse Barrow, has urged final year students of Covenant University to develop leadership skills, bolster their communication capacity, cultivate better work ethics, be creative and innovative, and proficient in financial literacy to be successful in their chosen careers.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Leadership and Effectiveness,’ Mr. Barrow said, the nation, as currently shaped, is bedeviled by throngs of leadership crisis, with the civil society and all other relevant bodies not taking time to deliberately help prepare upcoming generation on the need to embrace creativity and display ingenuity in tackling the challenges of leadership.

He noted that everybody can aspire to be a genius in their chosen field, but it will really be about the choices they make individually. He emphasized the importance of creativity and how various educational sectors have, unfortunately, watered down individual creative capacities.

Mr. Barrow, a leading provider of strategy, organisational development and learning solutions in Nigeria, elaborated on how the desire and quest for attaining academic degrees is not the answer to the plethora of problems facing the society.

He posited that progress and defined developmental goals can only be attained when learning and training programmes are designed to strengthen creativity as a valuable aspect of the nation’s education landscape. “It is not about how many certificates you have, it is about how creative you are,” he averred.

The Guest Speaker, who is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and a prize-winning Chartered Accountant, advised his audience to use what he referred to as QSETA (Question, Short-Answers, Explanation, Transition, and Action) formula to develop an elevator speech that can open doors of greater opportunities.

He highlighted the importance of continuous learning to the overall success story of any individual. According to him, “While our privileged education is very important, it may take us through the first open door, give us a career, a job, but what really makes any of us a success is our commitment to lifelong learning”.

Mr. Barrow dared the students to be ready in confronting the challenges of life, and not being scared of failing, knowing that failure is imminent, but not an end in itself. He made reference to renowned British author, Ken Robinson, who said that “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original”.

The well-respected life-coach tasked the students to ensure that they invest in life and time and not just be a waste. In his words, “Use the knowledge acquired from this workshop beyond campus, because truly, that is what creativity and wisdom entail”.

The workshop featured various levels of intellectual engagement, including a mentor-mentee session, where students were grouped under particular mentors with room made for interaction across the board.

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