Expert Enlightens Students on the Rudiments of an Engineering Career

Expert Enlightens Students on the Rudiments of an Engineering Career

Expert Enlightens Students on the Rudiments of an Engineering Career

The Guest Speaker, Engr. Franklin Uzoma, with members of the Civil Engineering Department

A young seasoned Engineer, Franklin Uzoma, who is also a Project Director, at Integrated Advanced Analysts (IAA) Associates, has advised the Civil Engineering students of Covenant University on how to build an impactful career in Engineering.

Speaking during a recent Town and Gown seminar of the department, on a theme, ‘Building a Career in Civil Engineering: The Rudiments for the Young Engineer,’ Engr. Uzoma described Civil Engineering as the second-oldest and quintessential engineering discipline after military engineering, designed to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering, dating as far back as the ancient roman empire.

He asserted that Civil Engineers are the core controllers of the design, construction and maintenance of a country’s infrastructure. Civil Engineering, he said, is made up so many specific disciplines, such as Structural Engineering, Geotechnical/Geo-Structural Engineering, Waste Water/Environmental Engineering, Transport Engineering, Hydraulics/Irrigation/Water Resources Management and Construction Engineering as well as others.

He described Structural Engineering as one of the most core areas of Civil Engineering. According to him, Structural Engineering is the art and science of conceptualizing, modeling, analyzing, and designing of complex structural systems. This profession, he said, ensures that forces are effectively resisted without generating stresses beyond the threshold of resistance of various structural elements.

Rounding up his presentation, Engr. Uzoma, pointed out that for any aspiring student to excel in in an Engineering career, there must be sound undergraduate/internship training; analytical and technical abilities, proficiency in Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools and Proficiency in the use of Sophisticated Analysis and Design Software Programs.

He added that multitasking and team building abilities also help to clear the career path, while keeping a the right motivation.

In his remarks earlier at the event, the Head of Department Civil Engineering, Dr. A. N. Ede, welcomed the Guest Speaker and appreciated the faculty, staff and students of the Department and encouraged the students to be attentive especially as the speaker was someone closer to their age bracket and therefore, able to bring Engineering closer to them.

He assured the Engineering Students of an impactful experience which would help prepare them to function in any sector of engineering on graduation. He also encouraged them to ask questions for clarity of understanding.

Also present at the event were some senior members of faculty of the College of Engineering as well as members of the Department Civil Engineering.