Expert Guides Upcoming Professionals on Rudiments of Target Marketing

Expert Guides Upcoming Professionals on Rudiments of Target Marketing

Expert Guides Upcoming Professionals on Rudiments of Target Marketing

Mr. Kingsley Chidi Okere, making his presentation

While cost efficiency, appropriateness in marketing efforts, profitability, time saving, effective marketing and sales endaeavours are key benefits of target marketing, it is however expected that every marketing venture will always consider critical factors like quality of sales or marketing personnel, the market segmentation and the most effective strategies to employ towards making a success of such venture.

A marketing expert, Mr. Kingsley Chidi Okere, made the above assertion on Friday, September 29, 2017, at the Town and Gown seminar of Department, Business Management, Covenant University, where he was the Guest Speaker.

Delivering a lecture titled, ‘Understanding the Role of Effective Target Marketing in any Marketing Venture’, Mr. Okere, who is the Managing Director/CEO Kemslis Pragmatic Ltd, said that every marketing effort must be geared towards addressing the underlying marketing questions like: what are the overall marketing objectives as it relates to creating more awareness, having a dominant or sustaining existing market share and, achieving brand loyalty from existing customer base?

The seasoned sales and marketing executive posited that the 21st century marketer, in order to optimize his marketing expedition, must of necessity think both as the business owner, that is going about marketing with an entrepreneurial mindset, and as a professional. According to him, “Every business owner wants to achieve sales that will bring about profit, while it is expected that the professional will be committed to, ethically, delivering satisfactory value that will add to the bottom line of the company”.

He advised the audience that, there is a professional dimension that must be taken to heart in order to make a success in the business of marketing. This includes having knowledge of the local and global economies, understanding the industry, knowledge of product and customers, initiative and creativity towards unveiling new solutions amongst others.

The guest speaker averred that there was a value dimension to support effectiveness in target marketing. These values range from passion, hard work, ownership mentality, commitment, integrity, teamwork, optimism, target driven and positive aggressiveness in attaining the overall goals of a marketing campaign.

Mr. Okere noted that the ultimate objective of target marketing should not be about capturing the target audience and making them loyal to the brand, but ensuring that they put in place a mechanism to bridge the marketing gap through ‘Above the Line’ and ‘Below the Line’ customer relationship management initiatives.

The guest speaker rounded off his presentation by pointing out that target marketing can be attraction-based, where the company or the sales team invests in the compendium of their value proposition to attract their target audience to their point of sales using ‘Above the Line’ media of advertising; or pursuit-based, where the company or the sales team focuses tenaciously on going after the established target audience with a view to achieving improved sales returns employing the ‘Below the Line’ media of advertising.

The presentation aroused interest in the subject of target marketing, which in turn attracted plethora of questions from the students, with the guest speaker and faculty of the department taking turns to provide answers.