Induction for New Students Commences

Induction for New Students Commences

Induction for New Students Commences

An induction programme for new students admitted into the University for the 2011/2012 Academic Session, commenced on Thursday, September 14, 2011

The induction was held in the University Chapel with the theme “Embracing the Covenant Culture of Change”.

In her address at the programme, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan, specially welcomed the students to Covenant University on behalf of the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo adding that they were privileged enough to be among those admitted noting the number of candidates that applied for admission into the University. She congratulated them and praised God for their success. She stated that they were in the beginning of an important journey and their beginning steps were crucial.

She acquainted them with the rules and regulations governing the affairs of the University and told them to abide strictly by them so that they could have a hitch free sojourn in the University. Professor Obayan also enunciated the Vision, Mission, Objectives and Philosophy of the University.

The Vision of Covenant University-“To be a leading World-Class University, committed to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of Human endeavour”- was presented and put in context and the ultimate goal of restoring the dignity of the Blackman was emphasized.

In addition, the Vice-Chancellor pointed out that the driving Mandate of the University is that of ‘change’. She said it was the drive for continuous change that fuelled the idea for the “one-stop-shop” registration process that kicked off this new session. She, however, advised the students to strive always for excellence and continuous improvements.

In the similar vein, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ogbulogo addressed the students on the subject titled, “Working to Graduate in a Grand Style: Time Use, Study Skills and Examination Conduct”. He said that to be successful in time management; the students must eliminate time wasters like laziness, oversleeping, procrastination, peer pressure and undue emphasis on past achievements or family background.

He explained that students must make use of the resources available at their disposal, which include the University Library, the Health Centre, the Chaplaincy, the Academic Offices and the Counselling Centre.

The Registrar of the University, Mr. Joseph Taiwo also had a word for the students. He enlightened them on the Core Values of the University, saying that the Core Values are what defines them and stands for what they are. “These Core Values of Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice are what defines our commitment to excellence”, he said.

He advised them to imbibe all these values to enable them to maximize their full potentials while in the University.

The induction programme provides an important foundational platform for new students in Covenant University. It is a period to imbibe a new culture and drive alignment with the visionary ethos of the University. It marked the beginning of a new chapter designed for the translation of the vision and mission of the university into practical terms so as to enable the students maximize their stay in the University.