International Scholar thumbs up Covenant Faculty

International Scholar thumbs up Covenant Faculty

International Scholar thumbs up Covenant Faculty

Professor Tunde Bello-Ochende

A researcher from the Department of Chemical engineering, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Professor Tunde Bello-Ochende, has said that the greatest strength of Covenant University is her faculty.

The international visiting scholar made the assertion recently while at the Covenant University campus in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun State. “When I came to Covenant University, I saw the beauty. I was surprised the university was so big. I liked the environment; I can read, prepare my lectures in a serene atmosphere. Security wise, it is a fantastic environment,” he enthused.

He explained that his main purpose of visiting was to research in engineering and to establish research collaboration with the University. “And so far, we have found a common ground,” he stated.

Professor Bello-Ochende stated that his research area, where he had also published a lot of papers, was thermodynamics, with a focus on theoretical, experimental, and numerical optimization of heat transfers devices from macro to micro scales; sustainable and renewable energy, computational fluid dynamics, and heat transfer using finite element method (FEM)/Finite Element Analysis (FEA), finite difference method and finite volume method (FVM) and constructer theory and design.

While speaking about his interactions with the University’s faculty and staff, he stated that, during a postgraduate seminar that he attended, he had the opportunity to ask questions from faculty and staff, and the feedback was very positive.

“I was also given classes to teach on Thermodynamics and I was well received by the students and my observation is that Covenant University students are very informed about current trends and innovations in their area of study. They also asked very intelligent questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the reception and interactions with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Covenant University; they are so wonderful,” he explained.

Professor Bello-Ochende, who revealed he noticed something awesome from his interactions with a lot of faculty, said he found out that Covenant University allowed faculty to go for conferences abroad, and that had helped them to be exposed.

Commenting on the University’s vision to be one of the top 10 universities in the world by the year 2022, he advised the University Management to keep doing what it was doing and keep providing money for research.

He described undergraduate teaching at Covenant as excellent but publication was what would put any university on the map. He advised Covenant to keep inviting scholars and giving grants. The scholar also pointed out the need to expand the postgraduate school as that was one of the criteria for grading world-class universities across the world.

The appointment of International Visiting Scholars at Covenant is renewable each academic session. Each stay is an opportunity for scholars to engage in teaching, scholarly scientific life of the University community, and possible research collaborations with members of the faculty in the receiving Department.