Medical Expert Counsels Covenant Faculty, Staff on Cancer Prevention

Medical Expert Counsels Covenant Faculty, Staff on Cancer Prevention

Medical Expert Counsels Covenant Faculty, Staff on Cancer Prevention

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Akan Williams (M), with members of CU-CDII and other participants in the Prostate Cancer Screening programme

The Chief Medical Officer, Covenant University Medical Centre, Dr. Ademola Adebanjo has advised members of personnel of the University not to entertain fears about the scourge of cancer but do all things possible to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Dr. Adebanjo, who was speaking at the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Screening programme organised by the Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative (CU-CDII), described cancer as the aggregation of bad cells that are no longer beneficial to the body but instead of them to die, they now start causing havoc and bring others to join them. He said that the cells would continue to multiply and cause a lot of life-threatening damages to the body and the way out was to start fighting with preventive strategies.

According to him, “Good nutrition and making way for enough exercises could be a good way to fight cancer. Leafy vegetables and fruits would always keep most cancers away. Also, doing away with chemically-treated foods such as frozen chickens and even shiny apples, especially taken without a thorough washing, are very dangerous”.

Dr. Adebanjo advocated a 5-way strategy for preventing cancer and these include: Exercise, Fruits, Doing away with too much carbohydrates, 7 hours of sleep, and Adding of vitamin D (lots of sunshine).

While welcoming participants to the programme, the chairman of CU-CDII, Mrs. Aderonke Asaolu, said that, though, people had a divine right to good health in Christ, they had a right to live and make good use of the opportunities God has given to them.

She revealed that the World Women’s Day Breast/Cervical Cancer Screening Programme, also organised by CU-CDII, had helped a lady to discover her state of health and she had undergone treatment and doing well after that.

Earlier, while declaring open the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Screening programme, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Akan Williams, representing the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, appreciated the CDII organ of Covenant University for bringing such a programme to the University Community. He reiterated the need for people to love their neighbours as themselves. “We need to really find a way of taking care of our health by making sure that we make use of opportunities like this one to shore up our health status, so that we can know what to pray about,” he said.

Professor Williams also encouraged Covenant faculty and staff to have confidence in the newly improved Covenant Medical Centre as more experienced medical officers and more equipment are being sought for to augment what the Centre had.