Organisers, Participants Laud Covenant Research Products at Innovation Expo 2017

Organisers, Participants Laud Covenant Research Products at Innovation Expo 2017

Organisers, Participants Laud Covenant Research Products at Innovation Expo 2017

Mr. Chuks Odagwe

Organisers and participants at the recently concluded Technology and Innovation Expo 2017, organised by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, have commended Covenant University for her research products exhibited at the event which took place at the Eagles Square in Abuja.

All the visitors to the Covenant University exhibition stand were amazed and expressed satisfaction with the quality of work done by the University’s researchers. Below are excerpts from their comments:

Mr. Chuks Odagwe – Regents Investment Limited (Under Technology Incubation Centre, Warri)

Coming to Covenant University stand, I was amazed by what I saw. The technical inputs and innovation from the University really amazed me. From what I saw, I was asking if they are made in Nigeria but I learnt they are locally made. I appreciate the good work I have seen so far.

Ibrahim Buba Garba – Federal University Gashua, Yobe State

I’m amazed by what I saw presented by Covenant University. What impressed me actually is the Digital Podium; it makes life easy, you don’t really need to worry yourself sitting close to the presenter at a seminar or any other event. I learnt that one can access the presentation materials on your device through Wi-Fi, so both of you can be on the same page. This is really amazing. If I am to take another Degree, I think it should be at Covenant.


Ibrahim Buba Garba


Yakubu Suleiman – Federal University Gashua, Yobe State

Covenant University’s products are really amazing ones, particularly the Digital Podium, where every participant in a gathering will be able to get the download of what is being presented without bothering yourself or stretching your neck to see what is being presented. I think it’s a good innovation.


Yakubu Suleiman


Mr VJ – Medical Rehabilitation Therapist

I’m very impressed, because what is displayed here has made me understand that I can sell my idea to the world using this. So I’m impressed about it.




Mrs. Ojukwu E. C. – Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Abuja

Your products are very impressive. The Digital Podium is good for hotel, churches and schools. There was a time we at the ministry wanted to have something like this for our programme but we could not get anywhere. So, I will advise you to showcase this to hotels and other places, they will love it.


Mrs. Ojukwu E. C.


Mr Orji Austin – Lead Enterprise Field Africa

Basically we have come to interact with some universities churning out great innovations. Some of your products that focus on clean and renewable energy are of interest to me. You have cooking systems that are solar-powered. I personally belief that these are the things we need because we cannot exactly power Nigeria of over 170 million people through the grid. And so we must look for alternative to be able to do that. From Field Africa, we are going to work with the University concerning taking these ideas to the market, because that is basically what we are interested in. Innovation is good but until it gets to the market, it is useless.


Mr Orji Austin


Professor Stephen Bolu – University of Ilorin

I think Covenant University has tried as a private university not being funded by anybody. Even the public universities don’t have some of these innovations we are talking about. And so, I will give credit to Covenant University on the basis of what I am seeing around. But I wish we can start a revolution and I believe your Chancellor believes in revolution. So, we should start.


Professor Stephen Bolu


Niyi – University of Lagos

I have seen a lot of products and it shows that private universities are also a major player. I have friends that study at Covenant University. You guys are doing a great job. You have very sound staff and students. I can see that a lot has been done. I am impressed.




Mrs. Okonta – Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation

For me what I have seen is wonderful. In fact, I don’t know how to explain it, but the Energy Retention Bag is an awesome innovation. I will like you people to develop it on a large scale so that people can patronise you.


Mrs. Okonta