Our Character Determines the Success we Desire – Chaplain

Our Character Determines the Success we Desire – Chaplain

Our Character Determines the Success we Desire – Chaplain

The Chaplain, Pastor Omidiora

Faculty and staff of Covenant have been advised that whatever they say and stand for will not count as much as what people see them do, as character will continue to play a critical role in the rating of the University in her march towards the attainment of the set mission statement and vision of Covenant.

Delivering a lecture titled “Character: Basic Foundation for Success” at the 2017/2018 Executive Advance for Faculty and Senior Non-Teaching Staff of the University on Thursday, August 24, 2017, the Chaplain, Pastor Oluwasegun Omidiora, stated that every man’s action is principally guided by the kind of thought process his heart is subjected to.

According to him, “Though your thoughts are not visible, they are eventually transformed into action which can be seen and read by all. This is because great personality and career advancement are a function of good character”.

Pastor Omidiora posited that it is the strength and foundation of individual character that determines the height a person can get to in life, and this foundation comes in the form of tenets, principles and axioms upon which character evolves.

The Chaplain encouraged faculty and staff to continuously embrace qualities that can help them in the process of character development. He noted honesty, moral excellence, discipline, focus and dedication as some virtues that can help in these regards.

He cautioned against allowing vices like lying, slandering, deceit and cheating to become the order of the day as they have nothing positive to add to the system, but to cause the erosion of trust, lack of respect and dignity, and promotion of deceit.

“Because the heart is a fertile ground to receive either good or bad traits, it is important to put in place certain safeguards against the intrusion of worldly virtues by employing spiritual weapons such as the Word of God, the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit,” said Pastor Omidiora.