Panacea for Housing Challenges Facing Rural-Urban Migration

Panacea for Housing Challenges Facing Rural-Urban Migration


The spate of rural-urban migration has consistently presented numerous challenges to state authorities and the migrants, as it relates to provision of housing and social infrastructure, especially for low income earning Nigerians.

In a recent paper review, a team of researchers from Covenant University, examined urbanisation and housing with the aim of providing a better understanding of how migration has negatively affected provision of housing for low-income urban residents, as well as possible strategies for improving this situation in Nigeria.


The study established that urbanisation has worsened housing challenges among low-income earners by promoting the proliferation of urban slums and poverty. These challenges, the report shows, have persisted and are escalating unabatedly due to the emphasis on top-down approach to social housing, as well as the lack of understanding of the specific housing delivery strategies that can be engaged in resolving these challenges in Nigeria.


The researchers concluded among other things that urbanisation will be on the increase in years to come and suggested the need for a change of approach by engaging in strategies that promote participatory and assisted self-help housing among low-income people to prevent the current situation from degenerating further.

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