Policy Analyst Urges Students to Explore Brilliant Academic Network

Policy Analyst Urges Students to Explore Brilliant Academic Network

Policy Analyst Urges Students to Explore Brilliant Academic Network

The Covenant University Alumni Association (CUALA) President, Mr Reginald Bassey, making his presentation

A public policy analyst and Managing Director, Janai Farms Limited, Mr. Reginald Bassey, has encouraged students of Covenant University to find ways of mining the massive reservoir of information on offer within the circles of knowledge at the University, as knowledge only becomes power when it is deliberately engaged.

Delivering a lecture titled, ‘Leveraging Academic Networks for Career Excellence’, at the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Political Science and Internal Relations on Friday, October 27, 2017, Mr. Bassey said that in order for the upcoming professionals to stand out in their career, they need to remain connected to a knowledge source.

Mr. Bassey, who was a pioneer student of Covenant University and current Chairman of the University’s Alumni Association, averred that if the knowledge they gained has been scrutinized by peer evaluation, they are most likely to access better quality information to place them at the cutting edge of their profession as opposed to those who merely depend on peripheral thoughts that dominate the marketplaces.

The Guest Lecturer posited that the academic networks a person subscribes to can become the platform for gaining fresh insights and inspiration for taking on new challenges in their respective areas of interest. He added that this is one major reason people often quit their jobs and seek to pursue further qualifications in a particular field; just to give them an edge over the competition.

According to him, a healthy relationship between the students and their lecturers is a vital life-giving factor in ensuring that they consistently stay relevant and receive fresh perspectives for the path they have chosen. “Targeted workshops, seminars, and conferences can help attract major participation from graduates and their employers,” he stated.

While noting that policy makers scarcely read research documents from universities due to complex verbiage, Mr. Bassey enjoined academics to find ways of communicating their research findings to the public in non-technical language. “Where there is profound knowledge to be shared with the public, academics must develop the skill of creating concise documents with engaging language, and learn to share these through available social platforms with their intended audience. This is a key step in attracting attention to deeper functional partnerships between professionals in the marketplace and the academic community,” he argued.

Mr. Bassey, a former Senior Legislative Assistant at the National Assembly, said it was a humbling experience to be back at his alma mater and impact the lives of students.

Earlier in her remarks, the Head, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Dr. Oluyemi Fayomi, said the Town and Gown seminar represents interaction between the Academia and the Industry, with mutual benefits and geared towards bringing real world experience.

Also present at the seminar were members of faculty and staff of the department.