Question everything but Validity of God’s Word, Pastor Kezi Admonishes Graduands

Question everything but Validity of God’s Word, Pastor Kezi Admonishes Graduands

Question everything but Validity of God’s Word, Pastor Kezi Admonishes Graduands

Former Covenant Chaplain, Pastor Yakubu Kezi, giving his charge

A senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Pastor Yakubu Kezi, has advised the graduands of Covenant University to question everything but the validity, veracity and authenticity of God’s word.

He gave this admonition while delivering a message titled, ‘Secrets of Lasting Success in a Changing World’,at the Special Convocation Service of the University, where he was the Service Minister.

While speaking at the service, Pastor Kezi stated that questioning God’s word caused the fall of Adam, consequently reducing man to his present state. He emphasised that every believer hada root in Christ, according to Isaiah 51:1-3, and was therefore born to succeed after the order of Christ as clearly stated in Revelation 22:16.

“If you must succeed enough to impact your generations unborn, you must not question God’s word, rather be an agent of change for good and for God,” he warned.

Addressing the outgoing students, Pastor Kezi pointed out that they have been prepared by the University to succeed in the outside world and make the most of their destinies.“Therefore, when preparedness meets with opportunity, success happens according to the scripture in 1 Chronicles 28:9. If one must succeed in life, one must have a personal revelation of God,” he stated.

No one, he said, could walk with God based on another man’s encounter with God; every man must seek a personal encounter with God through His word, according to 1 Samuel 3:21 and John 17:3. He noted that, “If you want the life of God to flow in you and through you, you must know God by yourself,according to 2 Corinthians 3:18”.

Pastor Kezi said that, as a people who live in a constantly changing world, they must be able to question the status quo and confront new challenges,which led to the discovery of new opportunities for innovation and answers.

He listed out the secrets to success to include seeking to know God personally, serving Him delightfully by serving others, and every lover of God must also be a lover of people, 1 Kings 3:3.

Another secret to success, according to him, included setting a course for one’s life under God, by settling down with God in order to receive from Him a blue print for one’s life. This, he said, was because when you walked in God’s will, success would be your portion.“According to Genesis 13:15, it is as far as your eyes can see,” he noted.

According to Pastor Kezi, others included the need to be informed if one must succeed, which entailed being adequately informed concerning the any area of one’s interest or passion. Every vision, he pointed out, must be undergirded by intelligent information in order to succeed.

He also stated the need to be diligent in what God had shown one as nothing works by itself, but rather everything was made to work. One of the biggest factors of success, he said, was creativity, adding that the world out there was only open to men of creativity, according to Proverbs 3:19.

The Service Minister admonished the outgoing students to exercise raw faith as that was the greatest secret to success. He emphasized that nothing significantcould be accomplished without the demonstration of raw faith in God and His word.

Others at the service were the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero; Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Akan Williams; Ag. Registrar, Dr.LanreAmodu and other members of the University Management.