Reliability, Accuracy Hallmarks of Successful PR, Says Expert

Reliability, Accuracy Hallmarks of Successful PR, Says Expert

Reliability, Accuracy Hallmarks of Successful PR, Says Expert

Mr. Adekunle O. Salu with the Department of Mass Communication at the Town and Gown seminar

A Communications and Public relations expert, Mr. Adekunle O. Salu, has advised prospective PR practitioners to build a reputation for reliability and accuracy in order to excel in their chosen career.

He gave the advise while presenting a paper titled, ‘Public Relations in Contemporary ICT Age,’ at the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

Salu asserted that the purpose of communication is to inform, change attitude and stimulate action. “The source of the communication is often important. For instance, who should be the source for a speech? If the purpose is to inform, should the source be one that has authority, therefore able to generate empathy, or to promote identification if we want to get action or change attitude?” he said.

According to him, there are nine determinants of a successful Public Relations plan and procedure. These are – form, purpose, source, subject, audience, professional, authorities, budget and time. These factors affect not only every part of a Public Relations plan, but also all the tools created to carry out the plan, right down to the choice of words.

Quoting Alec Benn, Salu stated, “These 9 determinants are all that a Public Relations Executive need consider when faced with a Public Relations problem or when Public Relations is to be used to achieve or help achieve any corporate purpose. How well they are implemented depends on the ingenuity, experience and other capabilities of the executives or professionals concerned.”

In his remarks at the event, the Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr. Lanre Amodu, appreciated the University Management for sustaining the Town and Gown platform, thereby, giving students an immense learning opportunity through a modelling objective.

He encouraged the students to maximise the privilege of having a man of vast experience in the area of Public Relations as a Guest Speaker; stating that experience is invaluable and imparts a greater depth of knowledge than theoretical knowledge.

Also, Dr. Amodu, expressed appreciation to the Guest Speaker, the Dean of the College of Business and Social Sciences, Professor Francis Iyoha, as well as the Faculty and staff of the Department of Mass Communication for their input and support in making the event a success.