Researchers Stress Collaborative Research at CoE Seminar

Researchers Stress Collaborative Research at CoE Seminar

Researchers Stress Collaborative Research at CoE Seminar

Faculty and Staff of College of Engineering after their College Seminar

Emphasis was on the promotion of collaborative research across engineering disciplines as researchers in the College of Engineering(CoE), Covenant University, on Thursday, March 16, 2017, converged for the college’s first seminar.

The interactive seminar, which featured presentations by different scholars in the college, focused on Innovation, Product Development, Industry-Academic Linkages as well as collaboration with other universities, to provide quality research outputs.

An expert in Renewable Energy from the Chemical Engineering Department, Professor James Omoleye, in his presentation titled, ‘Innovation, Product Development and Patents’, said that the motive of any research is to solve problems, adding that the best new products are hatched by collaborative research within the engineering disciplines because it fuels creativity and flow of ideas.

According to him, the different ways to promote invention includes creativity, knowledge, divine inspiration, wisdom and diligence. He also urged participants to trust and respect researchers across all engineering disciplines.

An Associate Professor from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Dr. Oluwaseyi Ajayi, in his presentation titled ‘High Impact Publications’, said that high impact publications are original, transparent, have good communication of results and research designs.

“High impact publication requires mentoring and adequate publications. Researchers should also accept good criticism that exposes the weakness of the write-up and communicate your findings with the easiest of words,” he said.

In his presentation titled, ‘Industry-Academic Linkages’, an Associate Professor, Communication Engineering, Dr. Francis Idachaba, explained the importance of the industry and the academia in producing high quality education and research. According to him, for researchers to be able to attract industry funding, scholars should attend industry conferences where challenges are enumerated, fashion ways to address the challenges and develop proposals for funding. “By so doing, it will lead to improvements in patents and commercialization, as well as accessing available grants and producing high quality graduates,” he stated.

Dr. Idachaba, however, noted that research funding from industries must clearly state what the industry will get in return. Any investment by any company is looked at as a business decision and value addition is primarily the justification of any investment, he added.

Also, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Cleophas Loto, enumerated certain factors scholars have to consider when collaborating with other universities in his presentation titled, ‘Research Collaboration with other Universities’. The factors, he said, include scholars making self-sacrifice, investing in relationships, identifying and supporting champions and sponsors, managing accountability among others.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Dean, College of Engineering, Professor Christian Bolu, welcomed the participants to the seminar, urging them to put to practice what they learnt and to drive the vision of the college by promoting collaborative research towards quality research outputs.