Sociologist Gives Tips on Survival in Changing Times

Sociologist Gives Tips on Survival in Changing Times


A sociologist, Dr. Adeniyi Balogun has stated that Nigerians can overcome the current economic downturn if they can adopt the sociology approach in their business life.

Balogun, who was a Guest Speaker at the 2nd edition of the Department of Sociology’s Town and Gown Seminar held recently at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, said misuse of opportunities and misdirection of priorities have culminated in the current travails being faced by the country.

Available statistics, he said, suggest that this year will be a difficult one and to survive it, “We have to lock down, review our thought process, structures and lifestyle”.

Head, Department of Sociology, Covenant University, Dr. Tayo George, had in her welcome speech enjoined students and other participants at the seminar to maximize the benefits of Dr. Balogun’s presentation titled “Surviving the Changing Times: Sociological Imperatives”.

Highlighting reasons why Nigeria has found itself in the present situation, Balogun attributed it to the collapse of values and morality, nepotism, tribalism, cultism, and corruption among others.

“Country ruled by men of questionable, flawed and charred character may boom today but will be doomed tomorrow,” he said, adding that, “If fighting corruption is a threat to democracy, then we need to redefine democracy.”

However, Balogun admitted that there are solutions to the present challenges, which he said could be addressed using the sociological perspective anchored on different survival strategies. These are getting the foundation right, living life by principles, goal attainment, investment plan, integrity and integration, a person’s character and believe in oneself.

Explaining some of the survival strategies, Dr. Balogun said: “Get the right foundation by setting the right values or principles and stick to them. Values are internal anchors set ahead of time to guide in moment of decisions. When we live life by principles, we notice relative stability; and with delayed gratification, we invest wisely.

“Setting goals entails developing a plan, blueprint or strategy that define the path to the attainment of goals, and focusing and relentlessly pursuing the attainment of objectives,” he said.

Continuing, the sociologists said that, “Having an investment plan showcase expected returns on investment and an exit strategy where action goes wrong”.

The prospective investor, he warned, must imbibe the virtues of quality, excellence, probity, punctuality, honour, truth and transparency.

“This is the ability to stand resolute on any issue and the courage to say no because it is wrong. Integrity is adherence to moral or ethical code. When you do what is right, you have internal peace, contentment and satisfaction,” he said.

One’s character, said Balogun, is the key to success. According to him, character is a pattern of behavior, thoughts and feelings based on acceptable universal principles, which attracts respect, dignity, honour and reverence.

Government policy, particularly on youth entrepreneurship, said Dr Balogun, creates environment for youths to become capable, caring and confident, better able to embrace opportunities created by the demanding and highly technological global economy.