Sociology Students Advised on Ways to Tackle the Changing World of Work

Sociology Students Advised on Ways to Tackle the Changing World of Work

Sociology Students Advised on Ways to Tackle the Changing World of Work

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Israel Oladimeji, in a group picture with the Faculty & Students of the Sociology Department

In a recent town and Gown seminar of the Department of Sociology, in Covenant University, a professional in Sociological dynamics, Dr. Israel Oladimeji, called on Sociology students to focus on acquiring skills and assets which would give them leverage in the job market on graduation.

During his lecture titled, ‘A Sociologist in the Changing World of Work,’ Dr. Oladimeji, defined Sociology as a subject which deals with how social groups transform and acquire their essence; how social institutions develop; how groups and societies breed order and identity and how culture shapes human behaviour.

The guest speaker, Dr. Oladimeji, who is also the Chairman, Berger Paints Limited, stated during his lecture, that an average Sociology student on graduation should have acquired a number of assets. “These assets,’ he said, “include the ability to conceptualise issues in order to come out with a solution; an understanding of social dynamics and a liberal disposition which asks questions instead of being judgemental.”

He said it was no longer a trend to ask what result a student came out with on graduation, rather the focus has shifted to asking, “What can you do for us?” Skills are increasingly taking over grades and academic performance in the job market. “For instance,’ he explained, “In the past you wait for an employer to train you, today, you make effort to train yourself.”

In his opening remarks at the occasion, the Head, Department of Sociology, Dr. Patrick Edewor , welcomed the participants and encouraged them to maximise the interactive forum the Town and Gown platform provides in order to ensure that the efforts of the University Management in putting it in place, is not wasted. He appreciated the speaker of the day and described him as a man rich in experience and hence is a reservoir of sociological expertise.

He also appreciated the planning committee who put the event together as well as the students of the Department for their commitment to learning and acquiring new skills to enhance their education experience.

Also present at the occasion were distinguished professors of the University and other faculty and staff of the institution.