Spirituality, Internationalization: channels for Innovation and Product Development

Spirituality, Internationalization: channels for Innovation and Product Development

Spirituality, Internationalization: channels for Innovation and Product Development

Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, making his presentation on the topic: “ Spirituality: Catalyst for Innovation and Product Development”

In a bid to achieve the University’s goal for the new Academic Session, the Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has charged the Faculty and Staff to improve their spiritual life as it serves as a catalyst for innovation and product development. He said this on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 during the on-going Executive Advance at the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC).

In his presentation titled, “Spirituality: A Catalyst for Innovation and Product Development” the Chancellor said spirituality is an all-round plus in the race of life, especially in the realms of intellectualism and divine inspiration.

In his words, “Inspiration can be defined as the move of the Holy Spirit within our spirit, which empowers our access into the deep things of God. Inspiration is the gateway to supernatural insight and key to supernatural intelligence”.

The Chancellor quoting from 1Kings 4 vs29-34 and Daniel 9 vs. 2, added that, inspiration, enable us draw insight from everything around us. “By inspiration, our capacity is enhanced to draw insight from all that we see, hear or read. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit is the gateway to ultimate wisdom because divine wisdom is creative, innovative and inventive,” he said.

Furthermore, the Chancellor also highlighted some keys to flowing in inspiration, which include; engaging the ministry of the Holy Spirit; a prayerful life; a spirited study of the Word; engaging the art of Meditation and engaging the joy of the Lord in thanksgiving, praise and worship as a lifestyle.

In addition, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye, in her presentation, “Developing an Internationalization Agenda for Covenant University,” noted that to internationalize an academic environment is to make programmes more attractive in order to increase cultural diversity, foster intercultural understanding, respect and tolerance among people.

She also stated that it is essential to see internationalization as an agenda even in the face of numerous economic challenges, health challenges, security challenges, socio-political challenges, among others.

Professor Abioye, recommended some ways the university can grow to achieve desired results. These, according to her includes, harvesting experiences from Eagles (CU graduates) abroad, production of publications that captures best memories on campus, having faculty/staff who are contact persons in universities abroad etc.

In her words, “The way forward includes global branding that provides experience from our Eagles abroad and our students on the Summer Programme, joint supervision of Post-Graduate students (at least one Semester abroad) for Ph.D students, memories on campus in publications/ magazine.

“Have contact persons in different universities abroad, working closely with the Students’ Council, have a big data base using all the social media platforms, foundations, endowments, charity for outstanding students before graduation etc,” she added.

Concluding her presentation, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor emphasized the need for an internationalized mindset within the Faculty and Staff, to get enhanced results the institution desires. “We need an internationalized mind-set, and have internationalized Faculty/ Staff to give us the visibility we desire for the agenda to be realized,” she said

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