Students Bound for Creative Industry Urged to Challenge the Status Quo

Students Bound for Creative Industry Urged to Challenge the Status Quo

Students Bound for Creative Industry Urged to Challenge the Status Quo

Mrs. Ngozi Osu Anene. Guest Speaker at the Town and Gown Seminar series of the Department of Mass Communication

A communication and creative development specialist, Mrs. Ngozi Osu Anene, has challenged undergraduates and graduate school students in the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant University, seeking to pursue a career in the creative industry, to start thinking about the unusual and unimaginable, and build a robust network towards carving a niche for themselves in the industry, and at the same time solving national problems.

Speaking on the topic, ‘Creative Thinking, Networking and Strategic Partnerships for Industry Relevance’, at the Town and Gown Seminar series of the Department held on Monday, February 5, 2018, the Guest Speaker said, “If you want something different, you must of necessity do something different, as creativity entails hard work and a continuous improvement of existing ideas and proffering new solutions to existing challenges”.

Mrs. Anene posited that doing things the same way as in the past would never command different results from what has been obtained. She stated that creative thinkers consistently seek to develop the ability to make unimaginable connections, see old things differently and generate new ideas under certain specified requirements by becoming innovative, thinking outside the box, improvising, breaking existing mold, becoming more passionate and growing professionally on the assignment.

Mrs. Anene advised the audience to develop certain traits, which are synonymous with creative individuals. These traits, according to her, include curiosity, seeking problems to address, be enthusiastic about problems and optimistic about the possible outcomes.

Furthermore, she said creativity thrives when an individual suspends a judgmental disposition towards issues, becomes more comfortable in imagining things, seeing opportunities in every challenge, and challenges the status quo in the quest to break new frontiers.

She was of the view that bringing creative thinking, effective networking, and strategic partnerships together would help bring out the best in a person towards achieving set goals and objectives, and expand more quickly and efficiently irrespective of the industry.

Mrs. Anene, who is a book editor and literary consultant, stated that while it is good to build networks, it must not result in the abandonment of building relationships and forming strategic partnerships. According to her, “Typically, you seek out a strategic partnership to fill a gap in your own strengths or to create a synergy that increases your profit potential”.

The guest speaker charged those fixated with a career in the creativity business environment to be passionate about what they set out to do, focus their resources on what they are wired to do best and that which creates a sustainable competitive advantage, and at the same time tapping into the resources of others for the expected result.

“When you embrace creative thinking, engage in effective networking and build strategic partnerships, success and fame will become a sure reality and as well address some issues plaguing our national growth and development,” she enthused.