Students Sensitised On Benefits of Writing for Reputable Journals

Students Sensitised On Benefits of Writing for Reputable Journals

Students Sensitised On Benefits of Writing for Reputable Journals

Members of the College of Science and Technology in a group picture with the presenters, Dr. Christopher Nkiko & Dr. Olawande Daramola

Getting well researched articles published in reputable journals, would be of immense benefits both to the students and their institution, according to Dr. Olawande Daramola, the Director of Academic Planning Unit, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

Daramola, an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, made the submission at the recent seminar held by the College of Science and Technology to prepare Post-Graduate students of the College for greater exploits in paper writing and the importance of viable research endeavours.

The Director, in his presentation titled, ‘Writing Research Articles for Publication in High Impact Journals,’ said that, “Being published in high repute journals hold the benefits of building scholars’ reputation, opening doors for them for fellowships, collaborations, grants, awards and consultancy. It also ensures good career progression and prospects in terms of positions and jobs, which culminates in their published works defining their identities”.

Such publications, he added, also serve to enhance the reputation of the institution where the scholars work, giving it the leverage to attract better students, funding opportunities, collaborations, industry partnerships and generally affect the ranking of the institution.

Daramola, who has over 50 published articles in journals and conference proceedings to his credit, encouraged participants at the seminar to endeavour to write good papers, which would be able to earn them benefits.

Highlighting the attributes of a good paper, he said, “It must have been a product of rigorous research, express a clear idea and written in good English. The paper must be original with an acceptable writing format, concise, precise, sequential and a valid contribution.”

Also speaking at the event, Dr. Christopher Nkiko, the Director, Centre for Learning Resources, whose presentation was titled, “Sourcing for Relevant Literature and Identifying High-Impact Outlets for Publication (Journals and Conferences)”, pointed out that Information Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized the book publishing industry with the emergence of the electronic books and journals

He explained that an ever-increasing proportion of the library’s budget is spent on e-resources, which include subject databases, full-text, e-journals and e-books, reference materials and archival back-sets of journals.

E-books and journals, said Dr. Nikko, “have provided robust virtual library platform, leveraging best practices and international standards as well as ensuring internationalization of knowledge, thereby, meeting the expectations of 21st Century library users”.

The Dean of College of Science and Technology, Prof. Nicholas Omoregbe, in his remarks, lauded the instructors and urged the post-graduate students to make the most of the information received in order to maximize their publication experience.

Also present at the occasion were staff and faculty of the College of Science and Technology.

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