Students Urged to Imbibe Core Values at FSP Event

Students Urged to Imbibe Core Values at FSP Event

Students Urged to Imbibe Core Values at FSP Event

A cross section of male students during their session

Students of Covenant University have been urged to set good values for themselves in their quest for a life of greatness, because the values they internalise and embrace will be a determining factor of how great they will be in life.

A member of the university’s Counseling Unit, Mrs. Shola Coker, gave this charge at the flag off ceremony of the 2016/2017 edition of the Covenant University Faculty Support Programme (FSP), where she urged the students to look at the university’s Core Values as a starting point from where they can draw good values to bolster whichever values they have set for themselves.

Mrs. Coker, who delivered a speech entitled ‘Peer Pressure and Self Esteem,’ acknowledged that there are individuals leaving home for the very first time and thus there is need to help shape their character towards being the best they could be.

She warned students to be cautious in making choices, as the kind of choices they make at the undergraduate level can define their destiny in no small measure. Internalising good values and making bold and right decisions are vital to living a commendable and positive lifestyle, she added.

In another presentation, a senior lecturer in Department of Psychology, Dr. Ben Agoha, whose speech borders on ‘Depression’, posited that depression is not a spiritual problem or attack as many people in the continent categorise it to be, but a brain disease and as such, people should not reduce it to a prayer project.

His presentation touched on various areas of manifestation of depression: physical and cognitive signs, affective symptoms, behavioural signs and coping with the disease. Furthermore, he highlighted some of the risk factors that can trigger depressive situation in an individual. These, he said, include Life events like bereavement, divorce, poverty and personality disorder; Family History, where first-degree relatives of depressed patients are at higher risk and childhood trauma. Medicines like Corticosteroids, Beta-blockers, Interferon and Reserpine, he said, could be used to treat depression.

Dr. Agoha advised that whenever any of the early signs and symptoms of depression is noticed, individuals should get the help of a clinical psychologist or see a psychiatrist and encouragement should also come from friends and relations of the affected person, as these are the best ways to address this challenge and avoid any disastrous outcome.

The Chairman of the FSP, Dr. Oluwatosin Rotimi, in his welcome remarks, told the students that the 2016/2017 edition of the programme had been repackaged to help capture and fulfill the Terms of Reference given the Committee at its inauguration.

“It is our strong belief that these series of seminars and interactions in the next few weeks, will result in improvement in the quality of student/graduates that Covenant University produces academically and morally,” he said.

Dr. Rotimi noted the FSP, as currently constituted, is committed to help drive the ‘In loco parentis role’ not just in words but by making the term come alive in faculty and staff relationship with students, towards ensuring that all students have the best of time here on campus.

The programme, held at the University Chapel, attracted students from across all levels, members of FSP, lecturers from the Departments of Psychology and Sociology, personnel of the Counseling Unit and Medical Centre of the University.