Students Urged to make Decisions out of Passion

Students Urged to make Decisions out of Passion


“When decisions are born out of passion, they can never be misplaced. An individual’s dream can become a reality when there is commitment to purpose.”

These statements were the submission of the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, Dr. Tunji Olaopa, in his presentation titled, “Social Sciences and the Crisis of Relevance: The Testimony of a Public Servant” at a Department of Political Science and International Relations Town and Gown Interaction Programme.

In his presentation, he referenced the long and protracted war between Humanities and Social Science (HSS) and Science and Technology (S&T) with a submission that the sciences are winning the war because they are perceived to be relevant, and they do not pursue knowledge for knowledge sake. Rather, science transmits knowledge into technological breakthroughs evidenced all around us: TV, telecommunication, computers, Internet, and even the food that is consumed.

He recounted his experiences, stating, “If my story is a success worth sharing at all, it would largely be because all my life, I always wanted to understand the mesh of three things: how the state system works, the dynamics of politics and political behaviour as they shape the destiny of a nation, and the challenge of socio-economic reconstruction through reform and change management”.

According to him, the new crop of managers require more than technical skills and career. A broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and abilities is needed. In addition, they must pass three tests of public service: public spiritedness, professionalism and leadership.

He advised, “Students should create a paradigm shift from thinking to live and living to think”. He added that there should be intellectual rebranding of the Social Sciences and Humanities. “The gap between the Human Social Sciences and Social Sciences should be eliminated for the betterment of society,” he stated.

Concluding his presentation, Dr. Olaopa advised the students to develop an alternative career, and to define their relevance anywhere they find themselves.