Chancellor Reaffirms Reality of Vision 10:2022 on Founder’s Day

Chancellor Reaffirms Reality of Vision 10:2022 on Founder’s Day

Chancellor Reaffirms Reality of Vision 10:2022 on Founder’s Day

Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, making his remarks and blessing the assembly

The Chancellor of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has reiterated that the university’s vision of being one of the top 10 universities in the world by the year 2022 is a mission accomplished.

He restated this belief on Friday, October 21, 2016, at the Founder’s Day Special Assembly held at the university’s Chapel in commemoration of the 14th Founder’s Day of the university.

Speaking at the event with the Vice-President, Education, Living Faith Church Worldwide, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo in attendance, the Chancellor, who said all glory for Covenant University’s accomplishments must go to God, proclaimed he had no doubt that come the year 2022, the university ranking will surge like a dream of the night.

“You don’t need to make noise to make news,” he said. “Don’t join anybody to talk low on Vision 10:2022; we are running it and we are getting there. All great universities in the world were built by Churches, and we are recapturing that; Covenant University is leading the way.”

Everything marvelous, the Chancellor pointed out, has gone behind making Covenant University what it is today, adding that, “This is the Lord’s doing; it’s marvelous in our eyes”.

Reflecting back on the foundational days of the university, Dr. Oyedepo said he received the vision from God in 2001 and barely a year later, was the license to establish Covenant University granted. However, after getting the license, “I prayed to God and said if it’s not your university, tell me and I’ll tear the license. And God said in three words, ‘It Is I.’ So, Covenant University does not belong to a leader, it is wholesomely a spiritual entity and it will be an unrepentant spiritually-inclined university for life”.

He admonished students of the university on the imperative of embracing God, warning that if they miss God in Covenant University, then they are not students of the institution. Nobody, he emphasised, pursues God at a loss because spirituality enhances intelligence.

While congratulating all members of the university community on the 14th anniversary of the institution, the Chancellor said his prayer is that everyone will not lose sight of the spiritual foundation of the university. An academic environment, he noted, is prone to pride, but the greatest form of academic success is rooted in humility. “I see world renowned academic giants rising from Covenant University,” he prophesied.

Enumerating the reasons why members of the university community are giving thanks to God, the Chancellor stated: “To preserve the blessing of God in our life and preserve His marvelous acts in our midst; to multiply the blessings of God; and for the perfection of the blessings because some have received blessings but they can’t find it again.”

Earlier on, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, who said he was overwhelmed by the significance of the occasion as a pioneer faculty of the university, thanked the Chancellor for his obedience to God’s vision. “In those early days, the Chancellor shared the vision with great passion such that the compelling nature of the vision was signified by his commitment. He charged the university personnel and students. Little wonder we have made quantum leaps,” he said.

Highlighting some of the university’s accomplishments, Professor Atayero noted that all academic and professional programmes listed in 2005 got full accreditation; a full-fledged Postgraduate School was established in 2009; and the Total Man Concept flagged off in 2002, with the National Universities Commission adopting it for the Nigerian universities system nine years after.

In 14 years, he stated, God has expanded Covenant University beyond international borders, and he buttressed this fact with some of the numerous awards won by the institution, which included being the Best ICT-Driven University in Nigeria in 2007, the same year a 400 level student of the Electrical Electronics Department invented a multi-layer CD player that won an award in India; the Fastest Growing University in Nigeria award in 2008; and the award of Best Private University in Nigeria in 2009 among others.

The university, according to the Vice-Chancellor, is growing stronger as the days go by, while he assured that God will do a quick work in the second phase of Vision 10:2022.

Also, present at the occasion were the Education Secretary, Professor Bridget Sokan, members of the University Management, faculty, staff, Alumni and students.